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Many authors find "book marketing" confusing, and it's no surprise. With millions of new books competing for readers, it's overwhelming, frustrating, and often unsuccessful for authors.

We have a better way.

Book Award Pro designed "story marketing" to be easy and approachable for authors. Whether you write nonfiction or fiction, awards put the spotlight on your book.

Book Award Pro ensures you have inspiring wins, third-party validation, and exciting award progress all working for your book to rise above the crowd.


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We understand you are an author, not a marketer. Book Award Pro is designed for a clear, helpful, and smart approach to sell more books.

Learn how authors are winning awards and using story marketing to grow their book sales.

The strategy for story marketing:

Target the most valuable opportunities for your book

Awards and third-party validations fuel excitement

Works with your budget, resources, and time

Focus on modern ways to reach audiences

Create meaningful connections with readers

Approachable and easy for authors and your goals

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Give your authors the validation of awards and the impact of story marketing. Everything is handled for you by the power of Book Award Pro and is branded for your business.

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Our leadership on story marketing and author growth is the fresh way to connect with readers. Book Award Pro is more than software — we're a partner to help authors succeed.

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