Every story is special

and has the opportunity

to be highly acclaimed.

Every story is special

and has the opportunity

to be highly acclaimed.

Book Award Pro is how authors become award-winning authors.

Make your reason for writing successful. It all starts with igniting fanfare for your book.

Book awards give you an exciting way to impact your cause, keep your author image fresh, entice readers, and create buzz for your book.

Your strategy for success.

Our smart matching technology pinpoints the best award opportunities for your book and delivers actionable results.

Book Award Pro service automates it all for you: researching thousands of awards, continuously targeting your perfect matches, and professionally submitting your book for awards.

Awarding Results

Awards can be life-changing and catapult the success of your work.

  • Impact your cause
  • Financial success
  • Captivate new fans
  • Experience acclaim
  • Increase credibility

How it Works

Book Award Pro gives you the power of automation technology and data science, wrapped in a beautifully simple and easy service.

Your Book Award Pro service creates a windfall of fresh promotional opportunities for your book - every single month.


Book Award Pro

"Book Award Pro has helped me discover opportunities that I didn't even know existed that are a perfect fit for my novel. 5 stars."

Tim Westover Author Image

Tim Westover
Award-Winning Author

"Talk about over-delivering! They cover every detail and make entering awards simple and smooth. Book Award Pro is amazing!"

ML Broome Author Image

M.L. Broome

"Definitely 5 stars. I highly recommend Book Award Pro to any author interested in winning an award."

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Steve Zimcosky
Award-Winning Author

"I absolutely love Book Award Pro! I entered several contests and received another award just last month. Even better, it came with promotion for my book too."

Testimonial - Heather Novak Author Image

Heather Novak
Award-Winning Author

"These awards have changed so much for me. I’ve had TV, radio and lots of newspapers pick up stories on my book. I even got a letter from my congressman!"

Harper McDavid Testimonial

Harper McDavid
Award-Winning Author

Plans & Pricing

Book Award Pro works for your book every day, from automatically researching and matching your best award opportunities to smart targeting and creating real results.

Choose the best plan for your success.