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As an unknown author, I was humbled to see my name among the winners. Far more, seeing that my book had been considered “inspiring” was an absolute shock. I am in awe that after so little time Book Award Pro has already delivered award-winning results.

Rodolfo Del Toro
Award-Winning Author

It is without reservation that I recommend Book Award Pro for any new authors. After writing hundreds of query letters, I was not eager to begin a labor intensive award submission season. Book Award Pro appeared as an alternative, automatically finding the awards that best suit my work. Now, when I see an award that piques my interest, I just have to hit the submit button. By the way, a local reporter will be interviewing me next week about The Carnation Street Life Estate recently winning its first award.

John T. Ahern
Award-Winning Author

I love, love, love the Book Award Pro service. As a new author, there is so much to learn and I’m really happy I decided to cross this off my list. I recently won a first place award, and now I can put “award-winning author” on everything, which feels pretty great. I have the Book Award Pro site permanently open.

Once Upon a Dance
Award-Winning Author

I was able to become an award-winning author because Book Award Pro kept me informed and focused on the best opportunities for my book.

Eleanor Cooper
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is an excellent resource for authors. I love it! The service is very easy to use and provides significant value. When I came across Book Award Pro, I signed up immediately. Within a few days, I received award matches and within a month, I had won my first award! Thank you Book Award Pro for making this process so much easier.

Ivy Walker
Award-Winning Author

Ten of the contests identified by Book Award Pro brought home a dozen awards across both my books, which in turn brought recognition and legitimacy to my career as a writer. Book Award Pro is integral to finding the appropriate contests and saving me time and stress so I can focus on my craft.

Brendan Bigney
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has become an important tool in helping to propel the essential message of ‘Trust and Confidence’ – that integrity matters more than ever.

Jim Lichtman
Award-Winning Author

I can’t say enough about Book Award Pro. In this competitive era of literary publishing, it is critical to make your book stand out among the rest. Book Award Pro automatically enters my best award each month, and updates me with other opportunities to help my literary work achieve recognition. As a busy medical doctor with limited free time, their ability to capitalize on these promotion activities is much appreciated.

Bruce Rowe, MD
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has been an amazing service for us as self-published authors of a children’s educational fiction book. We decided to try the Pro plan, looking at it as an investment, because we didn’t have time to research and submit entries to book awards. After a few months, we found out we won an award! Thank you Book Award Pro!

Heather and Nick Blackburn
Award-Winning Author

Between writing, publishing, and producing, I have no time to manage book awards. Along came Book Award Pro! I can boast my award-winning author status thanks to their work. Self Publishing with Dale gives ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dale Roberts
Award-Winning Author

As an indie author, it is so challenging to help your books reach a wider audience. Award recognition is an important tool to do just that. Having won two awards, I am grateful to Book Award Pro for doing all the leg work. I highly recommend this service.

Meg Nocero
Award-Winning Author

I absolutely love Book Award Pro! I entered several contests and received another award just last month. Even better, it came with promotion for my book too.

Heather Novak
Award-Winning Author

Awards help an author’s books get noticed amongst the maelstrom of an estimated 2.2 million new titles each year! Book Award Pro is a much better and more targeted way of spending a marketing budget than ‘hit and hope’ ads. If you want people to read your work, I cannot recommend Book Award Pro highly enough.

Matt Jardine
Award-Winning Author

Over 2,700 new books are being launched every single day. How do I make my book stand out? That’s where Book Award Pro comes in. They entered my book into several book award contests and I won. I used those wins to market my book and keep it top of mind. I still can’t believe it, but my book was a #1 Amazon Best Seller and Book Award Pro deserves some of the credit for getting the book there. I am so grateful. Now I am hard at work on Book 2 and I can’t see myself stopping there.

Tony Garritano
Award-Winning Author

Researching and submitting for awards is time-consuming. Book Award Pro saved me all this hassle and targeted exactly the best awards that fit my book. Very professional and supportive. I strongly recommend them.

Ramzi Najjar
Award-Winning Author

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