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As a busy psychologist and author, I would have never had the time or the knowledge about how to enter awards. In the four months that I used Book Award Pro, I was lucky enough to win five awards! Additionally, three of the awards provided me with book reviews, which resulted in a lot of very positive publicity. I am so grateful for Book Award Pro’s expertise and would highly recommend them.

Dr. Alyson Nerenberg
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is an absolute treasure and expertly matches books with their best opportunities for recognition. My children’s book “Count and Play with K Dot, The Little-Bitty Learning Ladybug” is being shared with more contacts than I ever imagined. I am very pleased with Book Award Pro and every author should utilize the services for exposure and marketing.

Kimberly Becker
Award-Winning Author

I am thankful to all the folks at Book Award Pro who have worked tirelessly for my book, “A Pastor’s Pit”. The book has been recognized with 3 awards which would not have happened without Book Award Pro. Thank you again!

Roy Sparkman
Award-Winning Author

As a writer with a day job, it’s difficult to find time for the marketing needed to launch a successful career as an author. Book Award Pro finds and targets awards I would have never known existed. I’ve won multiple awards, which has enhanced my profile. I am thrilled with their service!

S.J. Cunningham
Award-Winning Author

There are so many things to remember when you are trying to run an effective book marketing campaign. Book Award Pro has saved me hours of precious time and research by alerting me to the awards which are fitting for my novel. Sign up today! You will be pleased with your results and you may just win a few new awards like I have!

Suzanne Simonetti
Award-Winning Author

Researching and submitting for awards is time-consuming. Book Award Pro saved me all this hassle and targeted exactly the best awards that fit my book. Very professional and supportive. I strongly recommend them.

Ramzi Najjar
Award-Winning Author

Well, we did it again. When I enter an award based on Book Award Pro’s targeting, I win! I have said it before and I have to say it again; Thank you! I have to add, my book sales have far exceeded my expectations (and the normal sales for an author’s first book). My success with the awards you have recommended have much to do with that, I am sure.

Anthony Lee Head
Award-Winning Author

As an author of a book on data-driven marketing, the importance of Book Award Pro in identifying and tracking awards that were curated to my book’s specific categories was invaluable. The validation of each award helped drive my book’s reputation and also sales rank spikes on Amazon of 705% or more.

Jon Hinderliter
Award-Winning Author

I love using Book Award Pro. I entered quite a few contests for my book, “Ash”, and won first place in three international awards and an honorable mention in one regional award. Joining Book Award Pro was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Gloria Mindock
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro changed things for my writing life. When my medical memoir, “Brain Dance”, earned the number one “Nonfiction Book of the Year” award from an international competition, I was in shock for three days. The award is a huge honor — the book stores and many writer friends knew all about it — and the cash prize was generous. Thanks for making this so much easier and so fun, Book Award Pro. I highly recommend your service.

Diane Grimard Wilson
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has been an amazing service for us as self-published authors of a children’s educational fiction book. We decided to try the Pro plan, looking at it as an investment, because we didn’t have time to research and submit entries to book awards. After a few months, we found out we won an award! Thank you Book Award Pro!

Heather and Nick Blackburn
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro service will help and motivate you into marketing harder for the success of your books! The people at Book Award Pro are professional and very easy to work with. The website is user-friendly. In my more than 30-year writing career, Book Award Pro is the most helpful and imaginative organization l have encountered. I give them, not five stars, but SIX stars: Super!

Julius Thompson
Award-Winning Author

It is without reservation that I recommend Book Award Pro for any new authors. After writing hundreds of query letters, I was not eager to begin a labor intensive award submission season. Book Award Pro appeared as an alternative, automatically finding the awards that best suit my work. Now, when I see an award that piques my interest, I just have to hit the submit button. By the way, a local reporter will be interviewing me next week about The Carnation Street Life Estate recently winning its first award.

John T. Ahern
Award-Winning Author

As an unknown author, I was humbled to see my name among the winners. Far more, seeing that my book had been considered “inspiring” was an absolute shock. I am in awe that after so little time Book Award Pro has already delivered award-winning results.

Rodolfo Del Toro
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has taken the time and guesswork out of submitting to literary awards; the service has provided many opportunities that would have taken me months to research. I was thrilled to learn that my book, “The Dreamcatcher Codes”, won an important award, and I’m already seeing the benefits. As authors, recognition for our work not only feels good, it boosts sales. Book Award Pro is a great partner!

Barbara Newman
Award-Winning Author

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