5 facts about book award scams you won’t hear anywhere else

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October 28, 2022
Hannah Jacobson

You might be cautious about book awards due to fear of scams, but we’re here to reveal the truth about award scams.

Book awards are incredibly beneficial for every author, and you deserve to feel confident in the book awards you’re applying for.

Book Award Pro tracks and researches more awards than anybody else in the world. Learn the truth about book award scams you won’t hear anywhere else.

1. Many People Have The Wrong Definition of Scam

A scam is a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation meant to trick someone. So, if a book award promotes that they’re going to choose a winner for an award and don’t ever choose one, that’s an example of a book award scam.

However, some in the writing community have decided that any book award they feel isn’t right for them is automatically a scam. They’re basing this decision entirely on their own opinion, without considering every book is unique and every author has different goals.

Using this wrong definition hurts the literary industry and is focused on holding authors back rather than helping authors succeed. As long as an award authority follows through with their promises when you submit to the award, it’s an authentic award.

Think of it like book genres. Some people love fantasy but dislike romance. Others enjoy biographies but do not care for thrillers. Just because someone does not like a particular genre, that does not make all the books within that genre somehow “scams.”

Likewise, some awards are not the right fit for your book and your goals. Other awards could be exceptionally valuable for connecting with your audience and your book marketing. And even though a particular award may not be right for your goals, that exact same award could be wonderfully valuable for another author.

2. They’re Far Less Common Than Projected

There are many thousands of book awards from around the globe, researched and monitored by our technology daily. We continuously add new awards to our system and are proud of the breadth of opportunities we give to authors by sorting and presenting relevant options.

With all of those awards, we have only ever come across 2 actual book award scams. Yup, just two in the years we’ve been in business.

As soon as we uncovered each as a scam, we blacklisted them from our system, informed industry organizations, and helped authors recover their resources. Every day we see new award opportunities coming to the market, and we never see the volume of scams some people talk about in the industry.

3. Paying An Entry Fee Doesn’t Mean It’s A Scam

There are costs associated with running an award (just like any organization), and simply because you have to pay to enter it doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

Entry fees go toward ensuring the award is run properly and paying for the people who work at the award organization. The fee may also go toward hosting the awards website, promoting the award winners, and other benefits for the authors who submit for the award.

Don’t feel put off by an award that asks for a reasonable entry fee to be submitted.

4. Awards With Multiple Options Are Safe

Every award is unique. That is a good thing because awards create opportunities for authors. Just because a book award has many genre categories, or several rounds of entries during the year, doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

For example, when a book award has many categories, your book is able to be honored among its genre(s). That stands out to your readers and is valuable for your story marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Likewise, some award organizations host more frequent submission cycles to keep the buzz around the award (and winners) growing. The more activity and interest an award creates, the more that award can bring value for your book. This means more marketing for your book without any additional ongoing effort on your part.

5. Not All Awards Offer Monetary Rewards

And that’s okay.

You shouldn’t feel jaded if an award you won didn’t offer a cash prize. The benefit of becoming an award-winning author is vastly more significant than the money you might make from the award itself. As an award-winner, you gain recognition and create marketing moments your readers will cherish.

Use your award to connect with your readers, and share your award-winning journey.

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How To Find Awards Worth Your While?

The best way to find awards tailored for your book is to sign up for Book Award Pro. We’ve done all the research to ensure each award on our platform adds value to your story marketing.

Our service targets your most promising award opportunity and creates a professional submission to help you stand out from the crowd.

Your book could become award-winning, even if it’s yet to be published or was published years ago. We connect you with award opportunities that you’ll be proud to win.

Now You Can Avoid Book Award Scams

Though book award scams aren’t as common as you previously thought, make sure you still keep an eye out for them.

Don’t let others dictate what awards are prestigious or worthy based on their biased opinions. Every award that fulfills its promises and creates value for your unique book is a legit award and worthy of your time.

Learn more about what you can do with your book awards in our story marketing blog.

Make the most of your time by signing up with Book Award Pro and be matched with relevant awards in moments.

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