7 reasons story marketing is easier with book awards

book awards
October 28, 2022
Book Award Pro

Story marketing is a modern approach to book marketing that creates lasting connections with readers through technology.

Going through the process of applying for awards is the perfect opportunity to use technology to fuel your story marketing.

Learn how to interact with your audience and sell more books with book awards.

Provides a Reason to Share

When you apply for book awards, it gives you something valuable to share with your readers. When you’re not sure what to share or write about in your blog, talk about the different award opportunities available for your book.

Tell your readers what you’re up to by using social media and live video features when you get your award submission confirmation. They’ll be eager to hear about the process, so make sure to share each award you’re going for and what you’re most excited about.

Don’t spend too much time looking for the right award opportunity, either. Use Book Award Pro to painlessly find award opportunities and share them with your fans on social media.

Adds Authority to Your Name

Adding “Award-Winning Author” to any book adds credibility to prove you’re an expert in your field. As soon as you win a book award, you’ll be forever branded as an award-winning author and can add it to everything in your literary library. You’ll also want to include it in your author bio and in your taglines on social media.

While winning an award feels good, you still gain valuable credibility just by going through the award process. There’s value in becoming a runner-up, nominee, honorable mention, or exploring award matches for your book.

The truth is that you won’t win every award, but at least with Book Award Pro’s unique ability to target the right opportunities, you’ll be on the path to adding credibility to your name.

Inspiring Others

Authors are readers, and if they see you start to apply for awards, it could inspire them to try to do the same.

Your unique and award-winning story could be the push someone needs to finally take the next step in their writing by going for awards.

You can also be the inspiration for someone to write their book. They’ll forever remember you as the author that showed them the way and will recommend you to their newfound audience.

Proves Quality of Work

In this day and age, anyone can reach their goal and become an author. While that’s beautiful to think about, there is no system in place that makes sure the book someone is reading has gone through editing and is of high quality. Because of this, readers can be weary about trusting a new author without having some type of quality guarantee.

Going through the award journey puts a microscope on your work, and when it comes out of judging, it shows that you put in the work it takes to make a high-quality book.

If your book does win an award, it tells people that a credible source wants everyone to know that your book, including grammar and formatting, is worth reading.

Provides Credible Referrals

Speaking of proving the quality of your work, book awards are a referral from a credible source that confirms the contents of your book. It’s tough to ask a reader to trust your book is suitable based on your words alone. That’s why readers are more likely to try a new book if their friend tells them about it.

Even still, it can be hard to find readers who are willing to go out of their way to recommend your book. That’s why applying for book awards helps to provide the credible referral you need to convince someone to try your book.

Helps You Differentiate

With thousands of new books published every day, authors always struggle to make their book stand out.

For example, do you have a fantasy romance book that can’t quite break it in the competitive romance landscape because readers don’t realize it’s a fantasy? Apply for fantasy awards to showcase the differences your book has.

If your book takes place in a notable location, there are book awards that are specific to regions your book could be eligible for.

Your fiction or nonfiction book has an award category you’re eligible for that will help to differentiate you from other authors in that space.

Opens the Door to New Opportunities

On top of becoming an award-winning author, some awards offer bonus benefits. These range from book reviews, interviews, sales links, free advertising, and other valuable resources.

When awards start putting your book out there, it’s opening the door for more readers and media outlets to take notice of your book. For example, there’s an award in our database that offers winners personalized Tweets to their audience of over 60,000 people.

It’s hard to find this type of exposure without book awards. By using Book Award Pro, we don’t just connect you with the right award opportunity. Our software works hard to make sure the awards we’re connecting you with are more likely to offer you benefits outside of winning the title.

Start Applying for Book Awards With Book Award Pro

Book Award Pro helps you take advantage of awards that matter to your book, making it easier to start story marketing.

Let our technology handle finding, matching, and submitting awards, so you can focus on writing more brilliant books.

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