​​Answers to your frequently asked questions about Book Award Pro

frequently asked questions
July 20, 2023
Book Award Pro

Answers to your frequently asked questions about Book Award Pro

Authors love the support and service they receive from our team, and we love supporting them on their award-winning journeys. That’s why we’ve put together the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Book Award Pro:

1. What is an Award or Review Match?

An Award Match or Review Match is an accolade opportunity for which your book is eligible based on its unique characteristics. Matching is an ongoing process that will provide your book with curated review and award opportunities to consider. On average, you can expect to receive a few fresh Award and Review Matches every week.

2. What is a Targeted Award or Review?

After you receive your Award and Review Matches, how do you decide which one to pursue? With Targeting, you can make the most strategic and valuable accolade decision for your book. A Targeted Award or Review is the single best opportunity out of all your Matches.

Included on the Pro and Plus plans, the Targeting feature analyzes millions of award and review data points, alongside the unique elements of your book, to determine the best opportunity for you right now.

3. What is Story Marketing?

Story marketing is a modern, author-friendly approach to book marketing. It combines awards and reviews with social media to ignite continued interest in your book, reach new audiences, and maintain a long-term relationship with your readers.

The Story Marketing feature from Book Award Pro generates custom posts about your book’s award and review journey (including captions and images) that you can share across all major social media platforms.

Story Marketing is available on the Essentials plan and up. It does all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to implement a new marketing strategy in just a few clicks.

4. How many awards do you submit for me each month?

Depending on your plan and budget, as many as you’d like! The Pro plan is the only tier that offers automated monthly award submissions. But on any of our plans, you can purchase Boosts to have Book Award Pro completely handle a review or award submission for you:

  • A Submit Boost is one award or review submission and includes everything to ideally present your book to the judges: preparing entry documents, verifying research, paying the award's entry fee, and completing the entry process.
  • A Fast Track Boost is ideal if you want to apply for many awards at once. This targets your five best award opportunities that are announcing results soon. We handle everything to seamlessly submit your book to all five Targeted Awards.

For all submissions, we manage the process completely and track your book's progress all the way to the finish line. There is no limit to how many Submit Boosts or Fast Track Boosts you can purchase.

5. Which plans include automatic award submissions?

Our Pro plan is the only plan that automatically submits to one Targeted Award every month. To submit to more awards, authors can choose to purchase a Submit Boost or a Fast Track Boost. Purchasing additional submissions is completely optional, never required, and is available on any of our service plans.

If you’d like Book Award Pro to submit your book to review opportunities, you can purchase a Submit Boost for reviews on any of our monthly plans.

6. Can I add multiple books to Book Award Pro?


Many authors publish several books, and Book Award Pro can help you maximize the success of your entire literary journey.

7. How many books are covered by a Book Award Pro plan?

We believe every book is unique and deserves individual attention. Therefore, you would select a separate service plan for each book on your account.

If you are an author of multiple books, you can purchase a Book Award Pro plan for each title. There’s no limit to the number of plans on your account, and you have the flexibility to cancel or switch plans at any time. This means you can select different plans that are specifically tailored to each of your books.

8. How much are award entry fees?

Entry fees are not charged by Book Award Pro but by the award or review organization themselves. On any plan other than Pro, you are responsible for any entry fees. You will find that 99% of awards and reviews have an entry fee, and the industry average entry fee is $89 USD.

If you purchase a Boost to have Book Award Pro handle an award or review submission for you, the cost of the entry fee is included.

If you are using the Pro plan, you do not pay additional fees - the entry cost for your one automated monthly submission is included with your Book Award Pro service.

9. Does my book have to be published to win awards and get reviews?

No, there are award and review opportunities for every book, even many pre-publication. In other words, you can win book awards and get reviews before launching your book! You can also pursue accolades with Book Award Pro even if your book was published years ago. We can match your book with opportunities, no matter which stage of publishing you’re in.

10. Are there awards for nonfiction and fiction books?

Yes! Book Award Pro is for every kind of author and every kind of book. We haven’t met a book we can’t match. In fact, that’s our guarantee.

If for any reason, Book Award Pro can not find any awards that are right for your book, we will refund 100% of your money. It’s that simple.

11. Are there awards and reviews for my book's genre?

There are! Book Award Pro has the world’s largest database of book awards and reviews - over 9,000 and growing daily. No matter your genre or sub-genre, we’ll match you with curated opportunities that are just right for your book.

12. Are there awards for books or authors outside of the USA?

Absolutely. Authors from around the world have used Book Award Pro to grow their success. Far and wide, we'd love the opportunity to help you become an acclaimed, award-winning author.

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