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Frequently Asked Questions
October 28, 2022
Book Award Pro

Authors love the support and service they receive from Book Award Pro. Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1. What Is an Award Match?

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An “award match” is a book award opportunity that your book is eligible for and is suited to the unique characteristics of your book. Award matching is an ongoing process that will provide your book with various fitting award opportunities to consider. On average, you can expect to receive a few fresh award matches every week.

Having relevant award matches and detailed information is a significant first step in your award-winning journey. However, without Award Targeting, you’re aiming in the dark.

On the Pro and Plus plans, our technology analyzes the vast book award universe, alongside the unique characteristics of your book, to determine your one most promising award opportunity. This is your award target.

In other words, “award matching” presents several valid opportunities to consider for your book. “Award targeting” narrows down all those possibilities to pinpoint the one exact award which is most promising for your book at any time.

Additionally, with the Pro plan, we will automatically submit your book to its targeted award every month.

2. How Many Awards Do You Submit for Me Every Month?

Depending on your plan and budget, as many as you like!

For our Pro plan authors, we submit your book to its one (1) targeted award each month. We handle everything for you and your Pro plan includes one complete award submission every month.

If you want more award submissions than what is included with your plan, you could purchase a Submit Boost. This option is available on all of our service plans.

A Submit Boost is one (1) award submission and includes everything to ideally present your book to the award and judges: preparing entry documents, verifying research, paying the award's entry fee, and completing the entry process.

If you want to apply for many awards at once, a Fast Track Boost is right for you. This targets your five best award opportunities that are announcing results soon. We handle everything to ideally present your book to all five (5) targeted awards.

For all submissions, we manage the award process completely and track your book's progress all the way to the finish line.

There is no limit to how many Submit Boosts or Fast Track Boosts you can purchase.

3. Which Plan Includes You Submitting to Awards for Me?

Our Pro plan is the only plan that automatically submits to one (1) targeted award every month. To submit to more awards, authors can choose to purchase a Submit Boost or a Fast Track Boost. Purchasing additional award submissions is completely optional, never required, and is available on any of our service plans.

4. Can I Add Multiple Books to Book Award Pro?


Many authors publish several books, and Book Award Pro can help you maximize the success of your entire literary journey.

5. How Many Books Are Covered by a Book Award Pro Subscription?

We believe every book is unique and deserves individual attention, so you would select a separate service plan for each book on your account.

If you are an author of multiple books, or an agent representing multiple books, you can purchase a Book Award Pro subscription for each of your books. There is no limit to the number of plans on your account, and each plan is specifically tailored to each book.

6. How Much Are Award Entry Fees?

Entry fees are not charged by Book Award Pro but rather by the awards themselves. If you are using Book Award Pro to submit your book for an award (included with the Pro plan and Boosts), you do not pay additional fees - the entry cost (up to $100 USD) is included with your Book Award Pro service.

If you are submitting your book for awards yourself, you will find that 99% of awards have an entry fee, and the industry average entry fee is $89 USD.

7. Does My Book Have to Be Published to Win Book Awards?

No, there are award opportunities for every book, even many pre-publication. In other words, you can win book awards before launching your book! You can also win awards even if your book was published years ago. We can match your book with award opportunities no matter which stage of publishing you’re in.

8. Are There Awards for Nonfiction and Fiction Books?

Yes! Book Award Pro is for every kind of author and every kind of book. We haven’t met a book we can’t match. In fact, that’s our guarantee.

If for any reason, Book Award Pro can not find any award matches for your book, we will refund 100% of your money. It is that simple.

9. Are There Awards for My Book’s Genre?

There are. No matter what genre, or sub-genre you write, we will match you with relevant opportunities.

10. Are There Awards for Books/Authors Outside the USA?

Absolutely. Authors from around the world have used Book Award Pro to grow their success. We'd love the opportunity to work with you and your book.

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