Are book awards worth it?

are book awards worth it
September 2, 2023
Book Award Pro

Many authors dream of receiving unexpected news that their book has been selected for a prestigious book award. The truth is, book awards don’t find you, you have to find them. And it’s not always easy. Applying for a book award can take hours of your time, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

You may have to write an introductory letter, prepare a synopsis, format your book’s documents, and ensure you follow complex submission requirements. All of that is only after you’ve managed to find an award that’s right for your book.

Are book awards worth it?

All of this time and effort begs the question: Are book awards worth it? Absolutely. Here's why:

A book award is a powerful symbol of notability

Thanks to the modern self-publishing boom, more books are published each year than ever before. Readers know this, and they have learned to look for authors that rise above the crowd. They will scrutinize your book description, reviews, and cover looking for signs of legitimacy. A book award is the most powerful form of social proof you can have.

It shows potential readers that your book isn’t just good according to readers, but celebrated by critics and literary professionals. This is the kind of social proof that can help offset modest reviews or being a lesser-known author.

Book awards build your author brand

You deserve to receive recognition for your work as an author. In addition to being powerful symbols of legitimacy, book awards are professional accolades you can use throughout your entire author brand.

Including “award-winning author" in your email signatures, social media bios, business cards, and author websites signals your achievements to readers and industry professionals.

You can also include award seals and stickers on your book’s cover, both in-store and online.

Book awards bring visibility

Got a website or podcast that you’d love to be featured on? If you don’t have a dedicated audience, getting discovered by someone else’s followers can be a major boon for your books.

Sending an introductory email or video to an influencer stating that you won a relevant award is a great way to show them that you're a serious author. Won a local book award? You can contact local websites and publications and ask to be featured.

Don’t be embarrassed or think that your award isn’t significant enough to share. Remember, many people who host podcasts or run blogs are on constant lookout for engaging new content. It’s mutually beneficial when you approach them as an award-winning author.

Winning matters less than you think

The most successful authors use story marketing throughout their entire book award journey. Submitting to, being nominated, or even just considering to pursue a book award can be used to build your audience of readers, gain recognition as a serious author, and impress publishing experts.

In fact, just the nomination for an award can be enough for authors to add to their book descriptions or covers. Others may document their entire submission process using modern tools like social media, blogs, and newsletters. What’s important isn’t winning, it’s using each step of the award journey to achieve author acclaim.

There's an award for every book

The average author drastically underestimates how many book awards exist. There are awards for every genre, style, and publication type. There are even awards for books that aren’t published yet.

Book Award Pro has the largest database of book awards on the planet, constantly updated for new and changing awards. Simply join Book Award Pro and get the best awards curated for your book.

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