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February 2, 2023
Book Award Pro

If you're starting your journey of finding what book awards to apply for, you're in the right place. If you're over an hour in, and utterly confused by some of the low-quality book award lists out there, welcome to the last site you'll ever need.

Searching through online lists for book awards to apply for is painful. No website will be especially helpful. There are a few reasons for this. Websites know nothing about your book: when (or even if) it was published, what its genre is, the word count, or anything else. That information is incredibly important to give you any intelligent matches for your book.

Web pages also have trouble maintaining accurate data. Submissions dates and requirements change often, but an article from years ago may never be updated.

Your best bet for finding book awards to apply for is to use Book Award Pro. There is a free account option that will save you hours by itself. But if you upgrade to a paid plan, Book Award Pro won't just help you find awards, we'll automate the application for you. Here's why Book Award Pro is a better option for finding awards.

Start your award-winning journey with Book Award Pro.

We have plans for every author at every stage, including a free plan.

You're only matched with book awards you can win right now.

When you sign up for an account, you'll be immediately matched with some book awards after you share some information about your book. These matches are tailored to your book. You only see awards that you can actually apply for now. Once the window to submit for a particular award has passed, the award leaves your matches list. New awards are added as well.

We'll give you the requirements and research.

book awards to apply for

If you're on the essentials plan, you can get information about each award just by clicking on it. This includes due dates, entry fees, notification dates, restrictions, and whether they accept online submissions. If you need to browse the award's website, we link to that as well.

No scams.

Scams are rare, but they do exist. Luckily, we vet every single book award you're shown. You're protected against scam and fraud, and every award you're matched with is legitimate.

You'll save hours.

Not only will we show you books you can submit for, but we'll always show you the right awards based on your genre and themes of your book. Every award will be worth your time to take a look at. If you're on our plus plan, you'll even see your single best targeted match each month. Your targeted match is the "best of the bunch" award that offers the best mix of value and timing.

You can automate submissions.

If you think finding book awards to apply for is taxing, wait until you try and submit. Some awards have a smooth process, but others have very convoluted and archaic applications. Book Award Pro users on all plans have the option to automate their submissions to awards. We'll take care of the details and keep you updated on the progress of each award through your dashboard.


Ready to get your matches? Start a free plan, and we'll find book awards for you in just minutes.

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