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book award pro plans
November 15, 2022
Book Award Pro

There are Book Award Pro plans to meet the needs of all authors at every level.

Keep reading to learn the differences between our Free, Essentials, Plus, and Pro plans to find out which is right for you.

Free Plan » $0/Month

The Book Award Pro Free plan includes access to the Award Matching Dashboard, as well as the Connect with Readers feature.

Award Matching Dashboard

Book Award Pro researches thousands of awards to match the ideal opportunities for your book. After creating your Book Award Pro account, you’ll start to see your first award matches in moments.

The award opportunities presented on your dashboard are open for submissions and are custom matched to the unique qualities of your book. In other words, all the searching, sorting, and filtering is automatically done for you!

Award matching is an ongoing process and will provide your book with various fitting award opportunities to consider. Book Award Pro technology continuously works for your book, and you will be notified of fresh award matches every few days.

Connect with Readers Feature

Connect with Readers Feature

Sharing your award progress is easier than ever thanks to Connect With Readers. We make it simple to share pre-made social media posts from inside your Book Award Pro account.

As you go through the awards process, the Connect with Readers feature automatically gives you new messages and exciting news to share about your book. This helps you easily engage with your followers and for your book to be discovered by entirely new audiences around the world.

You’ll also get a unique sharing code included in your posts. If someone clicks on your link and purchases a subscription with us, we’ll give you credit on your Book Award Pro account. It’s that simple.

Is the Free Plan Right for Me?

Our Free plan is for those looking to find award matches relevant to your book and share them with your fans. Start researching your fitting award options to find the one that’s best for you.

Essentials Plan » $15/Month

The Book Award Pro Essentials plan includes everything in the Free plan, plus our thorough Award Research & Guidance features.

Award Research & Guidance

Instead of searching around the Internet to find detailed information on your award matches, get all of the pertinent information in one place.

Click on any of the awards in your dashboard to see detailed descriptions that are crucial to winning. Our guidance displays the due date, entry fee, expected results dates, and more. This helps you decide which award opportunities are the right fit for your book.

Is the Essentials Plan Right for Me?

If you need organized information about your award matches all in one place, the Essentials plan is right for you. We’ll give you all the important information right in your awards dashboard, so you don’t have to search through the many different award websites to uncover requirements.

This can save you many hours of time and frustration from having to dig through piles of details about every award opportunity.

Plus Plan » $69/Month

The Book Award Plus plan includes everything in Essentials, plus our Award Targeting feature.

Award Targeting

Your budget and time are not unlimited. You want to focus on the opportunities which will create the best results for your book. Having relevant award matches and detailed information is a significant first step in your award-winning journey. However, without Award Targeting, you’re aiming in the dark.

Now that you have all of these award opportunities to consider… how do you choose exactly which ones to enter? Of all the options, which one is the most promising for your book right now?

Our Targeting technology analyzes your awards landscape, millions of data points, to determine the one award opportunity which is most promising for your book at any given time. But you do not need to deal with any of those technical details; this all happens automatically for you.

In just a few days, this analysis will be complete, and you will be notified of your Targeted award – the exact opportunity that is most promising for your book right now. Feel confident applying for this award, knowing it’s the one that provides your book with the most potential. You will know precisely where to apply your limited budget and time to help your book’s success.

Is the Plus Plan Right for Me?

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of award opportunities for your book, and you aren’t sure which award you should go for?

Then the Plus plan is right for you. Feel confident knowing that when your book is submitted for its Targeted award, that is your best chance at becoming an award-winning author.

Pro Plan » $199/Month

The Pro plan includes everything in the Essentials plan and the Plus plan, and additionally, a professional award submission to your targeted award every month.

Our Pro Plan does everything for you, from award matching, targeting, submitting, and tracking. As a result, you’ll never run out of award opportunities, and we’ll manage the entire award process all the way to the finish line.

Professional Award Submission

Each award has its own requirements for submissions and nuances for judging. Every tiny detail matters to make your book stand out. That’s why we use our vast experience to handle the award submission process, and it works.

Our professional submissions include re-verifying the award details and ensuring any last-minute changes the award judges made to their awards are followed. We also validate all entry criteria and follow each award's unique submission requirements. If the award has additional questions or needs anything more for your book, we’ll handle all communication promptly, ensuring your book gets the chance to win it deserves.

Once submitted, Book Award Pro monitors and tracks your award journey, keeping you updated about any bonus benefits or award-winning news along the way.

Is the Pro Plan Right for Me?

This is the plan most authors use to become award-winning authors. The Pro plan is right for authors who are ready to make the most out of their award journey and put their best foot forward for every award opportunity.

Additional Book Award Pro Services

Boosts are additional award submissions you can purchase on top of any of our plans. These do not change your subscription and are never required. With Boosts, there’s no limit to how many awards you can submit each month.

Submit Boost

A Submit Boost is one (1) additional award submission. It includes everything to ideally present your book to the award and judges: preparing entry documents, verifying research, paying the award's entry fee, and completing the entry process.

Furthermore, we manage your entry throughout the award cycle and track your award progress all the way to the finish line.

It’s the best way to enter an award quickly, using Book Award Pro technology and experience.

Fast Track Boost

Maximize award-winning results as quickly as possible with a Fast Track Boost. This targets your five best award opportunities focused on announcing results soon.

This includes five (5) Submit Boosts. We handle everything to ideally present your book to all five (5) targeted awards. We also manage the award submissions completely until the winners are announced.

Fast track the success of your book by targeting award opportunities with quick results in mind.

Which of the Book Award Pro Plans Is Right for Me?

Which Of The Book Award Pro Plans Is Right For Me?
  • PRO – The Pro plan is perfect for authors looking to spend more time writing books and less time finding and applying for the right award opportunities. If you’re too busy to write, you need to find time in your schedule somewhere. Let Book Award Pro give you time back in your schedule by handling the entire awards process for you, from start to finish.
  • PLUS – For authors who have more time to spend creating applications for awards, Plus is perfect for you. We’ll find the right award opportunities and give you the tools you need to submit your book yourself. And if you find yourself overwhelmed during a certain month, you can always purchase a Submit Boost to take the pressure off and keep your award progress going.
  • ESSENTIALS – If you have a lot of free time or a very limited budget and are an organized and dedicated individual who can figure out the most promising award opportunities, Essentials is right for you. With award matches and research, you can then decide the best opportunities to submit for your book.
  • FREE – The Free plan is ideal for authors looking to dip a toe into the book awards landscape. We’ll save you hours by showing you relevant award matches, so you can take that information and research the awards yourself. By finding the right opportunities, you can see what’s out there for your book and do the deep research yourself.

Start your award-winning journey with Book Award Pro.

We have plans for every author at every stage.

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