What Is a Book Award and How Can I Win One?

October 3, 2022
Book Award Pro

What is a book award, how do you win one, and what do you do once you’ve won?

These are some of the most commonly asked questions we get at Book Award Pro. More often than not, authors fail to realize how essential winning a book award is to marketing their books.

That’s why we’re here to teach you the answers to your book award questions and help your book connect with your audience.

What Is a Book Award?

Book awards are recognition and validation that your book is the best in its chosen category, based on the judges' criteria. We think of it as a celebration of your book's contribution to the literary world. It’s one of the highest honors you can hope to achieve as an author, proving that your book is worth reading.

Literary awards come in all shapes and sizes, creating countless opportunities for your book to be nominated or win. We believe book awards are one of the strongest tools to have for your book marketing.

Why Would I Want a Book Award?

Book awards are the first step to story marketing, giving you something exciting to talk about with your audience. Awards give your marketing the fuel it needs to stand out from the crowd so that you can sell more books.

Be Noticed

It’s estimated that around 1.7 million books are self-published annually. With that many new books on the shelves, it’s tough to convince a reader to choose your book over authors they already know.

Being nominated for, or winning, a book award instantly gives you credibility with potential readers. This is valuable to spark interest among your readers and is essential for them to trust your story.

When you win a book award, it’s telling the world that not only do you have something important to say but that professionals agree your story is worth reading.

More Marketing Moments

Many of the awards available offer more than the award-winning badge and award-winning author title. An award could give your book an online review and link to your purchase page. This allows you to capture new readers through their dedicated audience and increases your visibility online.

Another award could share your story on social media, reaching thousands of interested readers. On average, someone has to interact with your book eight times before they decide to purchase. With every award you apply for, you’re creating more opportunities to be discovered.

Bring Additional Sales Outlets

One of the ways to get your book into bookstores is by proving it’s what people want to read and buy. With so many new books being published each year, bookstores have to be picky with their limited shelf space. When you win a book award, you give them a reason to choose your book over someone else.

You may also find that winning a book award gives you the motivation you need to build a professional author website. This can help you directly sell your books and also level up your professional author career.

New Publishing Possibilities

If you’re currently self-publishing your book and are trying to find a traditional publisher, a book award can be the validation you need to be recognized.

Publishing companies know that winning a book award can be life-changing for an author. Pursuing awards shows them you’re willing to invest the required work into your book, and they’re more likely to sign an author dedicated to their work.

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Award Submitted Won

How Can I Win a Book Award?

You can never win if you don’t try. The only way to become an award-winning author is through research, targeting, and applying for book awards. You could do it all manually, or everything can be handled for you.

For the manual DIY approach, try using Google to search for book awards that you’re eligible for. With thousands of awards around the world, all with different requirements, that can be a very time-consuming and tedious process. You’ll have to uncover only the ones that are open and eligible for your book.

Instead, sign up for Book Award Pro and instantly see award opportunities ideal for your book. All of our plans give you the chance to review award matches. Our Pro Plan will even target the award you’re most likely to win, and handle the entire award submission for you.

Is My Book Eligible for Book Awards?

Yes, of course! No matter what genre, writing style, or type of author you are, there are book awards available for you.

If your book isn’t published yet, that’s okay too. There are book awards for stories yet to be told, and you can win awards before launching your book.

How Do I Know if a Book Award Is Legit?

There are a lot of misconceptions and opinions in the book award space. At Book Award Pro, we firmly believe that if an award follows through on its promises to authors, it’s a legit award. The most prestigious book awards are the ones that have meaning and value to you and your book marketing.

Still, that doesn’t mean scams can’t or won’t happen, but they’re far less common than some opinions boast. We’re here to promote and uplift authors using all types of book award opportunities. No award opportunity is ever too big or too small to be extraordinary.

The easiest way to feel confident with your book award journey is by signing up for Book Award Pro. We personally research every single award opportunity presented on our awards matching dashboard. Using Book Award Pro, you can feel assured knowing your awards are valuable and meaningful for growing your audience.

Start Your Award-Winning Journey

Now that we’ve answered your questions: what is a book award, how can you win one, and what do you do when you’ve won, it’s time for you to start your award-winning journey.

A book is never too new or old to be eligible for an award, and even just starting to search will show you the wonderfully vast book award universe. If you’re unsure where to begin with your award-winning process, we recommend learning more about how Book Award Pro works and why it’s a good fit for you.

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