What is story marketing and how will it help you sell more books?

what is story marketing
June 12, 2023
Book Award Pro

We don’t think it should take hours of planning or complicated marketing strategies to sell your book. That’s why we’ve created the Story Marketing feature: an approachable way for authors to sell more books.

Using familiar, modern tools like social media, it’s never been easier to connect with your readership, impress industry leaders, and boost your book’s sales.

Read on to learn what story marketing is, how to do it, and what it can do for your book.

What is story marketing?

Story marketing is a simple, effective book marketing strategy that uses modern tools to generate interest in your book. While standard book marketing focuses on promoting your book through traditional avenues, story marketing leverages the power of author accolades and social media.

By combining book awards and reviews with technology, you can promote your book across new channels, find more readers, and increase revenue. With story marketing, each step you take toward receiving a new accolade becomes a shareable piece of marketing fuel.

How to start story marketing

The first step toward effective story marketing is making sure you have an active social media presence for your book. Then, you can begin submitting your book for accolades and sharing your progress with your followers. Here are a few ways you can implement a story marketing strategy:

Use author accolades to create authentic connections

Pursuing book reviews and awards is often a personal journey. You’re asking judges to review your work, compare it to other books, and decide which is the winner. Your submissions, wins, and even your losses are all valid reasons to engage with your audience.

By sharing each new step of your accolade journey with readers, they connect with you on a deeper, more authentic level. Why is authenticity important in your marketing strategy?

Because: Most audiences are tired of the sales-y, in-your-face marketing campaigns of today, and crave genuine relationships with the brands and products in which they invest. Creating this genuine relationship helps maintain loyalty among your current readers and establish trust with new ones.

Simplify your strategy with technology

Typically, the most challenging aspect of applying for reviews and awards is finding the right opportunity for your book. Thankfully, Book Award Pro makes it simple. Even on the Free plan, you gain access to our matching technology.

The platform presents you with curated award and review opportunities for your book backed by the world’s largest database of author accolades. No more digging through lists, sorting through opportunities, or researching requirements.

Another way authors can use technology to simplify their strategy: the Story Marketing feature is available on the Essentials plan and up. You can begin story marketing immediately after signing up, with customized social media posts about your book that are ready to share in just a few clicks.

what is story marketing

Maximize bonus benefits

Many awards provide bonus benefits. For example, submitting for an award may include a bonus benefit of a professional book review, podcast appearance, or feature in a newsletter.

Not only could you share news of your award submission or win, but you could also use the bonus benefits you receive as content for your story marketing strategy.

Additional perks like these come from submitting your book for awards. Anytime your book is nominated for an award, keep track of your bonus benefits, and follow through with every opportunity.

Share more than just your wins

Awards and reviews are special because they create so much validation and interest surrounding your book. Even if you don’t win an award, you can share your experience, lessons, and your hope for future endeavors with your audience.

For example, write a blog post about the entire award process and any bonus benefits you receive from submitting to the award. Share that article on your author website or on your Goodreads page.

Or, tell your readers about your review matches and encourage them to keep an eye out for updates. Talk about what it was like to be interviewed or to read an in-depth critique of your book from a reputable source.

Start story marketing today

At Book Award Pro, we believe story marketing is a powerful revenue-boosting strategy for every author. We’ve seen authors use story marketing to reap the benefits of a dedicated reader base for years to come. It’s simple, effective, authentic, and best of all: you can start right now.

Are you ready to ignite interest, reach new audiences, and sell more books through story marketing?

Start story marketing with Book Award Pro.

We have plans for every author at every stage.

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