What is story marketing and how will it help you sell more books?

story marketing
October 28, 2022
Book Award Pro

We don’t think it should take a marketing degree to sell your book.

So, we set out to find a way to make marketing make sense for authors. When we couldn’t find something that was actionable for authors, we knew we had to make a change.

That’s why we created story marketing: the approachable way for authors to sell more books.

What Is Story Marketing?

Story marketing is the modern way to make lasting connections with readers through technology.

Every new concept sounds complicated at first. Book Award Pro is designed to make story marketing simple for authors. With the help of this guide, you can understand and implement story marketing quickly. We’re confident it’s something every single author can take advantage of.

By using your own writing combined with technology, you can share your book across new channels, find more readers, and increase revenue. You worked hard on writing your book; now it’s time to let it do some of the work for you.

Learn how to start using story marketing with your book.

Start Working Toward Book Awards

Story marketing is all about using technology to create meaningful connections with your audience, so it makes sense to start applying for relevant book awards using cutting-edge technology.

Book Awards Create Lasting Impressions

Applying for book awards is as personal as writing your book. You’re asking judges to scrutinize your work, directly compare it to your peers, and decide which book is the best.

By sharing those moments with your readers, they connect with you on a deeper level because of the bond they have with your story. If you tell them you’re working toward getting an award, they’re going to be curious about the results and follow along to see what happens.

Your fans will be thrilled to see you applying for awards. They want to see you succeed because they want to keep reading your books. Make memorable experiences by sharing the awards you’re working toward.

Marry Technology and Book Awards

Typically, the most challenging aspect of applying for book awards is finding the right opportunity for your book. Thankfully, Book Award Pro makes it simple.

Use our expert matching technology to see award opportunities you’re eligible for. Take advantage of our targeting feature that will pinpoint your best chance of winning.

Now you can spend time sharing your award journey with your fans, not worrying about which award is best for your book.

Connect with Readers

While exploring your award matches, share them with your readers too! We make it simple to grow your audience with every step of your awards journey using our Connect with Readers feature.

Get More From Bonus Benefits

Many awards provide extra benefits; Book Award Pro helps keep you informed to take advantage of these.

For example, submitting for an award may include a bonus book review. This review could be posted to their website and shared on their social media channels, putting you in front of new readers. They may also write a review for your Amazon listing. When the review goes live, tell people about it.

Other awards will promote your book through author interviews with winners or authors that had books nominated for an award. These interviews are often seen by thousands of readers around the world on social media and the awards’ websites.

Additional perks like these come from submitting your book for awards. Anytime your book is nominated for an award, keep track of your bonus benefits, and follow through with every opportunity.

Ways To Share Your Accolades

As we’ve mentioned, it’s not enough to just start applying for book awards. You need to tell your readers about what you’re doing. Awards are special because they create so much validation and interest surrounding your book. And you can make every bit count for your story marketing!

Write a blog post about each step of the award process and everything you’re getting from the award. Share that blog to your author website or on your Goodreads page.

Tell your fans about your award matches and the targeted award you’re going to apply for. Talk about what it was like to be interviewed or to read an in-depth review from a reputable source, like a book award judge.

Your readers want to hear more about your book and what type of awards it could win. Don’t hold out on them; let them into your life and share your award journey.

Start Story Marketing Today

Story marketing is possible for you. When done right, you’ll reap the benefits of a dedicated reader base for years to come. Remember to share experiences your readers can connect with, starting with awards.

Creating memorable experiences for your readers will help you to grow your fanbase and continue to grow. With each new book you release and apply for awards with, you’ll expand your reach, increase authority, and make more sales.

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