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Book Award Pro helps your reason for writing to be successful.

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The Power of Automation

Your reason for writing is not finished when you put the last word on the page. Book Award Pro gives you the power of automation to make your cause successful.

Our technology works all day, every day to research and match your book to the universe of awards.

Intelligent targeting determines your most promising opportunity to win and automatically prepares a nomination to capture that goal.

Book Award Pro can automatically handle professional award nomination and submission for all your targeted awards to keep your success on track.

Find and Research Award Opportunities

Book Award Pro's automated service conducts thorough research and continuous updates to maintain expert knowledge about the universe of awards.

Our smart matching algorithms run daily to connect your book with the ideal award opportunities at just the right time.

Prepare Your Nomination and Entry

Every month, our intelligent targeting automatically analyzes your landscape of matched awards to determine your book's most promising opportunity to win.

Our system cultivates details about your book to craft a professional nomination for entering targeted awards.

Manage Requirements and Submit Your Entry

Our technology automates the entire award submission process, nominating your book to its monthly targeted award.

We manage the nuances of award requirements and submissions, ensuring your book gets the professional edge it deserves.

Victory, Delivered

Your Book Award Pro service creates a windfall of fresh promotional opportunities for your book - every single month.

We offer tools and resources to leverage those promotional moments. Easy templates and examples enable quickly putting your book in front of the world. Awarded books and authors are celebrated.

You have a reason for writing - your purpose. Book Award Pro is your strategy for success.

Automate your journey from author to award-winning author.