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Story marketing is the modern way for authors to get discovered and sell more books. We designed it to be easy for authors to make lasting connections with readers through technology.

Learn how authors are winning awards and using story marketing to grow their book sales.

How It Works

Awards put the spotlight on your book

It all starts with new validation, excitement, and interest surrounding your book every month.

Awards are the absolute best way to create that ongoing buzz. Our technology enables your award-winning success and Book Award Pro handles everything for you.

Use awards buzz to ignite fanfare

These days, your audience is online and that's where your book gets discovered.

Use modern ways, like social media, to connect with readers. Stand out by sharing every step of your awards journey and all the buzz surrounding your book.

Book Award Pro ensures you have inspiring wins, third-party validation, award nominations, and so much more, all working for your story marketing.

Make Every Step Count

Book Award Pro makes it easy for authors to get discovered. Awards fuel your story marketing to connect with readers and sell more books.

And your awards journey is far more than just the wins. In fact, every step of the process — from day one — holds valuable opportunity for your book to get discovered by new audiences.

Book Award Pro creates ongoing validation, interest, and excitement surrounding your book. Use all that buzz and activity in modern ways to engage readers and increase book sales.

Award Matching & Targeting

First, we custom match your book's ideal awards. Then, we target the one award which is most valuable for your book.

Submission & Benefits

Next, we submit your book to its monthly targeted award and keep you updated of any benefits, from start to finish.

Story Marketing & Validation

Every month, we make it easy to use awards buzz and validation to fuel your story marketing and sell more books.

It's easy. We handle the technical details for you.

But, if you would like to understand the awards process deeper, read on to learn more.

How It Works - Award Matching and Targeting

Award Matching & Targeting

Book Award Pro researches thousands of awards to match the ideal opportunities for your book. We show you what matters.


All of the award opportunities presented on your dashboard are custom matched to the unique qualities of your book. In other words, all the searching, sorting, and filtering is automatically done for you.

Our award matching technology works for your book every day, and you can expect to see a few fresh award opportunities to consider each week.


Your budget and time are not unlimited. You want to focus on the opportunities which will create the best results for your book.

Our award targeting technology analyzes millions of data points to determine the exact opportunity which is most valuable for your book at any given time.

But you do not need to deal with any of those technical details; Book Award Pro handles all of this automatically for you.

Submission & Benefits

Book Award Pro manages the entire process, keeping you updated about any bonus benefits or award-winning news along the way.


Each award has its own requirements and nuances for judging. Every tiny detail matters to make your book stand out.

When Book Award Pro handles your submission, we use our vast experience to determine the best way to present your book for the specific requirements of each award.

This ensures your book gets all the attention it deserves.

Bonus Benefits

Some awards provide "bonus benefits", which could include professional reviews, author interviews, sales support, and more.

Our technology tracks any available bonus benefits and keeps you updated along the way. We manage the entire award process, all the way to the finish line.

How It Works - Submissions and Benefits
How It Works - Story Marketing and Validation

Story Marketing & Validation

In addition to becoming an award-winning author, Book Award Pro makes every step count for your book's success.

Story Marketing

Your awards journey is far more than just winning. From the very start, you have the ongoing buzz of fresh matches, inspiring nominations, exciting benefits, and more — all surrounding your book and fueling your story marketing.

With helpful guides and resources, we make it easy for authors to share about their story, connect with readers, and get discovered by audiences around the world.

Third-Party Validation

Winning awards for your book is undeniable validation. An award-winning book sparks interest with readers and stands out from the crowd.

The expertise and technology of Book Award Pro is the gold standard. We help more authors become award-winning authors than anyone else in the world.

Get Started in Minutes

It only takes a few minutes to begin discovering award opportunities custom matched for your book.

Legendary Support

Authors rave about our fast, personal support. Try it for yourself and start a conversation with our team.

Easy for Authors

Whether you're just getting started or igniting international fanfare, awards are the validation authors need to stand out.

Legitimate, always

Book Award Pro is proud to be respected as the most robust and accurate source of research on book awards and reviews. Our team carefully evaluates each organization's policies and actions to ensure they uphold promises and are legitimate opportunities for authors.

Books published every year

Books published every year

Book Award Pro is how authors get noticed.

Awards are the validation and excitement your book needs to stand out from the crowd.

Then use all the progress, wins, and benefits of your awards journey to fuel story marketing for book sales growth.

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Publicists, agencies, publishers, and industry experts use the power of Book Award Pro to easily give authors the validation of awards and the impact of story marketing.

Give your authors the validation of awards and the impact of story marketing. Everything is handled for you by the power of Book Award Pro and is branded for your business.

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