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No mere mortal can keep up with all of the book awards available to authors. Book Award Pro takes the drudgery out of the process. I highly recommend it to my clients… but I would much prefer to keep it all to myself!

Scott Lorenz
Award-Winning Author

It is truly an honor to have my book be an award winner. These awards would not have been possible if I had not subscribed to Book Award Pro’s services. Book Award Pro takes the guesswork out of awards and saved countless hours by helping me target the best awards for my book. I cannot recommend Book Award Pro more highly for anyone wishing to gain the attention awards give our books.

Catherine DeMonte
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro saved me time by finding the opportunities I would not have known about otherwise. The time I saved on research allowed me to get more writing and submitting done. There was a short amount of time between when I joined Book Award Pro and when I saw the benefits of the service! I am currently putting the finishing touches on my next novel and I will definitely use Book Award Pro again!

Carolyn Fenzl
Award-Winning Author

Authors benefit from the recognition of quality and the added publicity that book awards carry. I have been on this journey only for a few months and my book has already won two awards, which has greatly inspired me. Book Award Pro definitely helped me to save time in finding awards suitable for my book, applying, tracking results, and sharing the wins with my readers and followers.

Dr. Pietro Emanuele Garbelli
Award-Winning Author

Shortly after launching, I won my first book award because Book Award Pro navigated the jungle of awards for me and found the perfect fit. Winning the award enhances my book’s visibility and marketing, as well as my credibility as an award-winning author. I highly recommend the fabulous services of Book Award Pro for every author who wants to let the light shine on their book.

Dr. Margit Muller
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has become an important tool in helping to propel the essential message of ‘Trust and Confidence’ – that integrity matters more than ever.

Jim Lichtman
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has been an integral partner in my journey to get the recognition that Taking Stock deserves. Book Award Pro makes the entire process simple, efficient, and cost effective. I recommend Book Award Pro for any author looking for a great partner.

Peter J. de Silva
Award-Winning Author

I love, love, love the Book Award Pro service. As a new author, there is so much to learn and I’m really happy I decided to cross this off my list. I recently won a first place award, and now I can put “award-winning author” on everything, which feels pretty great. I have the Book Award Pro site permanently open.

Once Upon a Dance
Award-Winning Author

Definitely 5 stars. When I started writing I never thought that I would win an award. I was humbled and amazed to win gold for my book, “The Revelations at Black Corners”. I highly recommend Book Award Pro.

Steve Zimcosky
Award-Winning Author

I was happily surprised when I won two awards, and also received a four-star review! I added the award medallions to the cover of my book, and included the award write-ups as well as the review on my website. The targeting by Book Award Pro was excellent! I highly recommend the service!

John Nicholson
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is a place where quality work has a chance of being recognized. I use Book Award Pro to vet award contests, match, and submit my book to awards. I’ve done this myself in the past, but Book Award Pro saves me the time and effort.

Ed Davis
Award-Winning Author

It’s always a delight to use Book Award Pro. I have gotten so many reviews and awards from using the platform. I really appreciate all they do. Book Award Pro gives a great set of resources to indie authors!

Mika Mathews
Award-Winning Author

I can’t say enough about Book Award Pro. In this competitive era of literary publishing, it is critical to make your book stand out among the rest. Book Award Pro automatically enters my best award each month, and updates me with other opportunities to help my literary work achieve recognition. As a busy medical doctor with limited free time, their ability to capitalize on these promotion activities is much appreciated.

Bruce Rowe, MD
Award-Winning Author

It’s quite a challenge for authors to sift through the many available award opportunities out there, but Book Award Pro makes the experience incredibly easy. Because Book Award Pro matches legitimate award opportunities with my genre, I’m more prepared to better choose which award opportunities are perfect for my book. As a result, my work has been recognized and I can now call myself an award-winning author. Many thanks to Book Award Pro!

E.C. Roderick
Award-Winning Author

Book awards definitely help book sales. Unlike my previous novel, when I spent many long hours searching for book award sites, for my recent novel, I asked my wife to do it. She found Book Award Pro, and I immediately signed up. In 2 months, I’ve won 3 awards. I recommend Book Award Pro to authors wanting to spend their valuable time actually writing.

Bob Zeidman
Award-Winning Author

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