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I love, love, love the Book Award Pro service. As a new author, there is so much to learn and I’m really happy I decided to cross this off my list. I recently won a first place award, and now I can put “award-winning author” on everything, which feels pretty great. I have the Book Award Pro site permanently open.

Once Upon a Dance
Award-Winning Author

As an indie author, it’s a relief to trust Book Award Pro in finding the best awards for my novels. One of my novels, “Comfort Foods,” has won two profile-enhancing awards in less than a year and I can’t wait to see what comes from this exposure.

Kimberly Fish
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro did a phenomenal job in nominating and promoting my book for recognition. The submissions were customized to meet current market needs while emphasizing the book’s most meaningful points. The result was winning a significant award. I look forward to working with these pros in the future.

Lawson McDowell
Award-Winning Author

Researching and submitting for awards is time-consuming. Book Award Pro saved me all this hassle and targeted exactly the best awards that fit my book. Very professional and supportive. I strongly recommend them.

Ramzi Najjar
Award-Winning Author

Signing up with Book Award Pro was an excellent decision. I wanted to try and get some awards for my new book but wasn’t sure where to look. I’ve now earned four different awards thanks to Book Award Pro. I will definitely use them again when I have another book to launch.

Geri Spieler
Award-Winning Author

Between writing, publishing, and producing, I have no time to manage book awards. Along came Book Award Pro! I can boast my award-winning author status thanks to their work. Self Publishing with Dale gives ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dale Roberts
Award-Winning Author

Definitely 5 stars. When I started writing I never thought that I would win an award. I was humbled and amazed to win gold for my book, “The Revelations at Black Corners”. I highly recommend Book Award Pro.

Steve Zimcosky
Award-Winning Author

As an author, marketing can be a daunting and confusing process, but Book Award Pro’s “story marketing” made it easy and approachable for me. With millions of new books vying for readers, their focus on awards as a way to put the spotlight on my book was incredibly valuable. I highly recommend Book Award Pro to any author looking for a fresh and effective way to get their book noticed.

Allie Compeau
Award-Winning Author

Shortly after launching, I won my first book award because Book Award Pro navigated the jungle of awards for me and found the perfect fit. Winning the award enhances my book’s visibility and marketing, as well as my credibility as an award-winning author. I highly recommend the fabulous services of Book Award Pro for every author who wants to let the light shine on their book.

Dr. Margit Muller
Award-Winning Author

It is nearly impossible for an author to keep track of book award competitions. Book Award Pro takes the pressure off by identifying suitable opportunities. I have been very impressed with their service.

Frances Schoonmaker
Award-Winning Author

My book won “book of the year”, two finalist awards, and three honorable mentions. Without Book Award Pro, I would never have found these contests to enter. As a result, the sales of my book have increased. I cannot thank Book Award Pro enough for all they accomplished for me.

Nancy Lynn White
Award-Winning Author

It is without reservation that I recommend Book Award Pro for any new authors. After writing hundreds of query letters, I was not eager to begin a labor intensive award submission season. Book Award Pro appeared as an alternative, automatically finding the awards that best suit my work. Now, when I see an award that piques my interest, I just have to hit the submit button. By the way, a local reporter will be interviewing me next week about The Carnation Street Life Estate recently winning its first award.

John T. Ahern
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro helped me find competitions where my book placed both as Finalist and Winner. Highly recommend!

Cynthia Huijgens
Award-Winning Author

I absolutely love Book Award Pro! As an author, I don’t have time to research and apply for book awards, even though I know they’re a great marketing tool. Book Award Pro has given me the best of both worlds while allowing me to focus on what I love, writing more books!

Keith Wheeler
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has taken the time and guesswork out of submitting to literary awards; the service has provided many opportunities that would have taken me months to research. I was thrilled to learn that my book, “The Dreamcatcher Codes”, won an important award, and I’m already seeing the benefits. As authors, recognition for our work not only feels good, it boosts sales. Book Award Pro is a great partner!

Barbara Newman
Award-Winning Author

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