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Ten of the contests identified by Book Award Pro brought home a dozen awards across both my books, which in turn brought recognition and legitimacy to my career as a writer. Book Award Pro is integral to finding the appropriate contests and saving me time and stress so I can focus on my craft.

Brendan Bigney
Award-Winning Author

It was indeed an honor to receive an honorable mention for my book. I would like to thank Book Award Pro for their professionalism. I appreciate the care that was taken while submitting my book to its category.

Keith Hummel
Award-Winning Author

As an indie author, it is so challenging to help your books reach a wider audience. Award recognition is an important tool to do just that. Having won two awards, I am grateful to Book Award Pro for doing all the leg work. I highly recommend this service.

Meg Nocero
Award-Winning Author

Receiving an award for my memoir is surely one of the highlights of my writing career. As a sociologist and researcher, I am thankful my memoir was recognized for the importance of mental health and illness as an international phenomena.

Nanette Davis
Award-Winning Author

As an indie author, it’s a relief to trust Book Award Pro in finding the best awards for my novels. One of my novels, “Comfort Foods,” has won two profile-enhancing awards in less than a year and I can’t wait to see what comes from this exposure.

Kimberly Fish
Award-Winning Author

Using Book Award Pro, my book won an award and it has been great for my book marketing. I have had multiple news outlets reach out for interviews. NPR came yesterday and my local paper is coming today! If you feel you have a quality product, trust Book Award Pro.

Dustin Wright
Award-Winning Author

I highly recommend Book Award Pro to any author. They take the guess work out of the process of finding and applying to awards for your work and save you tons of research time.

Mackenzie Finklea
Award-Winning Author

I was thrilled to win a series of awards for my book, ‘Operation Mom.’ As a new author, it is incredibly important to receive validation for your work. Book Award Pro has been of incredible value in my award-winning journey. Thank you Book Award Pro.

Reenita M. Hora
Award-Winning Author

Well, we did it again. When I enter an award based on Book Award Pro’s targeting, I win! I have said it before and I have to say it again; Thank you! I have to add, my book sales have far exceeded my expectations (and the normal sales for an author’s first book). My success with the awards you have recommended have much to do with that, I am sure.

Anthony Lee Head
Award-Winning Author

I’m so excited about what Book Award Pro has meant to me as a relatively new author. The publicity from the book awards, the credibility as a new author, and also the promotion opportunities. I’m a huge fan of Book Award Pro, and I think you’re gonna love it!

Ross Brand
Award-Winning Author

I have won a number of awards at this point! Trying to leverage them to book sales. Love to talk about it.

Christopher Volk
Award-Winning Author

My experience of Book Award Pro has been highly positive. The interface is very easy to use and the data very clearly laid out. The targeting works really well, providing a series of well-matched awards and review services. Most of all, the team is extremely helpful and absolutely lovely. I would definitely recommend it as the best way to approach book awards.

Steve Shahbazian
Award-Winning Author

Over 2,700 new books are being launched every single day. How do I make my book stand out? That’s where Book Award Pro comes in. They entered my book into several book award contests and I won. I used those wins to market my book and keep it top of mind. I still can’t believe it, but my book was a #1 Amazon Best Seller and Book Award Pro deserves some of the credit for getting the book there. I am so grateful. Now I am hard at work on Book 2 and I can’t see myself stopping there.

Tony Garritano
Award-Winning Author

I absolutely love Book Award Pro! As an author, I don’t have time to research and apply for book awards, even though I know they’re a great marketing tool. Book Award Pro has given me the best of both worlds while allowing me to focus on what I love, writing more books!

Keith Wheeler
Award-Winning Author

I was able to become an award-winning author because Book Award Pro kept me informed and focused on the best opportunities for my book.

Eleanor Cooper
Award-Winning Author

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