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Navigating the thicket of awards rules and regulations was daunting. I was recommended Book Award Pro to facilitate the process and boy was I pleasantly surprised! After a very simple registration, I could submit my book to the many recommended matches with a click. My book has gone on to win 3 awards.

Bashir Bashir
Award-Winning Author

It is truly an honor to have my book be an award winner. These awards would not have been possible if I had not subscribed to Book Award Pro’s services. Book Award Pro takes the guesswork out of awards and saved countless hours by helping me target the best awards for my book. I cannot recommend Book Award Pro more highly for anyone wishing to gain the attention awards give our books.

Catherine DeMonte
Award-Winning Author

As an indie author, it’s a relief to trust Book Award Pro in finding the best awards for my novels. One of my novels, “Comfort Foods,” has won two profile-enhancing awards in less than a year and I can’t wait to see what comes from this exposure.

Kimberly Fish
Award-Winning Author

As an indie author, it is so challenging to help your books reach a wider audience. Award recognition is an important tool to do just that. Having won two awards, I am grateful to Book Award Pro for doing all the leg work. I highly recommend this service.

Meg Nocero
Award-Winning Author

It’s been a real pleasure working with Book Award Pro. I was honored to receive an award for my book. It has created a buzz in my social media platforms. Thank you so much, Book Award Pro!

Dr. Haseena Chokkiyil
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is an excellent resource for authors. I love it! The service is very easy to use and provides significant value. When I came across Book Award Pro, I signed up immediately. Within a few days, I received award matches and within a month, I had won my first award! Thank you Book Award Pro for making this process so much easier.

Ivy Walker
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is an absolute treasure and expertly matches books with their best opportunities for recognition. My children’s book “Count and Play with K Dot, The Little-Bitty Learning Ladybug” is being shared with more contacts than I ever imagined. I am very pleased with Book Award Pro and every author should utilize the services for exposure and marketing.

Kimberly Becker
Award-Winning Author

Thank you Book Award Pro for your amazing service. I am a young, first-time author and I wouldn’t have my very first award without your help and everlasting support – that too within the first few months of using your service. Thank you again for everything! 🙂

Kaaya Sharma
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro does all the work, from research through submission. Within the first few months, my novel had won three international competitions. Awards like this lend huge credibility to my work. When I look at the time saved, and the results produced, I can very heartily recommend Book Award Pro.

Dennis R Miller
Award-Winning Author

As a computer scientist, I am impressed with the Book Award Pro technology. It finds appropriate review and award opportunities tailored to my books and makes it easy to apply. Thanks for your great service.

Richard Jeffery Wagner
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is a fantastic service for a debut indie author like myself. Book awards are a great way to help your books stand out amongst the thousands of other aspiring authors out there. It has worked for me! My short story has won two different awards within two months of signing up.

Casey Sutton
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is an amazing service which saves valuable time and effort. Its automated AI targets the most promising awards for your book. I began with the Essentials plan, but quickly realized the benefits of upgrading to the Pro plan. I have been with the service for only three months and my book has already won an award! In addition, my book is nominated for two other awards. Book Award Pro handles everything from submitting a professional entry to paying the entry fees. I highly recommend Book Award Pro!

Cindy Van Rooy
Award-Winning Author

I’m so excited about what Book Award Pro has meant to me as a relatively new author. The publicity from the book awards, the credibility as a new author, and also the promotion opportunities. I’m a huge fan of Book Award Pro, and I think you’re gonna love it!

Ross Brand
Award-Winning Author

In the midst of preparing for a book launch, who has time to research the myriad of book awards that are available, let alone specifically for your genre? I certainly didn’t and am so glad I found Book Award Pro. They have made finding and applying for awards super easy. Their platform is amazing and so easy to use. It isn’t just for awards, it includes review matches and a story marketing feature as well. The tracking ability makes planning easy. My book has already won an award and received an honorable mention thanks to the help of Book Award Pro. I highly recommend!

Miki Taylor
Award-Winning Author

Thank you! “The Hole Story” won its first book award today and I couldn’t be happier with the services of Book Award Pro. Thanks for all you do to help authors get recognition for their works!

Lori Croy
Award-Winning Author

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