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Thank you! “The Hole Story” won its first book award today and I couldn’t be happier with the services of Book Award Pro. Thanks for all you do to help authors get recognition for their works!

Lori Croy
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is the primary reason I am a two-time national award-winning author! It is an excellent marketing tool and I have found Book Award Pro to be a wonderful decision.

Richard Ceasor
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has been an amazing service for us as self-published authors of a children’s educational fiction book. We decided to try the Pro plan, looking at it as an investment, because we didn’t have time to research and submit entries to book awards. After a few months, we found out we won an award! Thank you Book Award Pro!

Heather and Nick Blackburn
Award-Winning Author

I am so excited about winning first place for LGQBT Memoir and second place for Autobiography with “The Making of a Woman” through Book Award Pro. It’s only been a few weeks since my book launched and I already have the title “Award Winning Author.” I love using Book Award Pro for ease and convenience. I am looking forward to hopefully winning more awards by using this awesome service.

Award-Winning Author

Getting my debut novel awarded as an independent author is of no small significance! Thanks to Book Award Pro for making this possible. In this very early stage of my writing career, it is all about finding my audience and getting potential readers interested in an unknown author’s story. This is where an award serves as a spectacular ice breaker!

Isaac Petrov
Award-Winning Author

As a 3-time winner, I am so thankful to have found this tremendous resource that makes it easy to submit to quality book award opportunities around the world. I highly recommend Book Award Pro. Becoming an award-winning author is an exquisite experience and landmark achievement that would be difficult to attain on my own.

Phyllis Smith
Award-Winning Author

I can’t say enough about Book Award Pro. In this competitive era of literary publishing, it is critical to make your book stand out among the rest. Book Award Pro automatically enters my best award each month, and updates me with other opportunities to help my literary work achieve recognition. As a busy medical doctor with limited free time, their ability to capitalize on these promotion activities is much appreciated.

Bruce Rowe, MD
Award-Winning Author

Like every other indie writer out there, we have to coordinate editing, cover designs, and marketing. How in heaven’s name are we supposed to find time to enter writing contests? Well, Book Award Pro is a godsend and will do it for you. The first book they submitted for me won an award in a matter of weeks. I don’t know what their secret sauce is but my other books are going into the hopper pronto!

Steven Scott Wallace
Award-Winning Author

I have really enjoyed working with the team at Book Award Pro. Searching and applying for awards can be a time consuming and tedious process. With Book Award Pro, I can focus my efforts on my writing, while their technology identifies the opportunities that are the best fit for my book. They help give indie books and authors the chance to be recognized. I would recommend Book Award Pro to any author.

David Joseph
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is great for authors seeking credibility. Finding time to research the multitude of contests and preparing and submitting entries can be challenging. Having the helpful team at Book Award Pro do all of that work for me was critical. I recommend Book Award Pro to any writer who is serious about finding a wider audience and seeking to add ‘award-winning author’ to their resume.

Aaron S. Bayley
Award-Winning Author

There are so many things to remember when you are trying to run an effective book marketing campaign. Book Award Pro has saved me hours of precious time and research by alerting me to the awards which are fitting for my novel. Sign up today! You will be pleased with your results and you may just win a few new awards like I have!

Suzanne Simonetti
Award-Winning Author

I love using Book Award Pro. I entered quite a few contests for my book, “Ash”, and won first place in three international awards and an honorable mention in one regional award. Joining Book Award Pro was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Gloria Mindock
Award-Winning Author

I’m so happy that I discovered Book Award Pro! It makes my research for contests effortless. After using the service for only 3 months, I’ve already won 1st place for an award that I wouldn’t have known about, had I not joined Book Award Pro. Now, I am officially an “Award-Winning Author”. I highly recommend their services.

Shanita Allen
Award-Winning Author

Awards help an author’s books get noticed amongst the maelstrom of an estimated 2.2 million new titles each year! Book Award Pro is a much better and more targeted way of spending a marketing budget than ‘hit and hope’ ads. If you want people to read your work, I cannot recommend Book Award Pro highly enough.

Matt Jardine
Award-Winning Author

Ten of the contests identified by Book Award Pro brought home a dozen awards across both my books, which in turn brought recognition and legitimacy to my career as a writer. Book Award Pro is integral to finding the appropriate contests and saving me time and stress so I can focus on my craft.

Brendan Bigney
Award-Winning Author

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