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5 stars. Book Award Pro has helped me discover awards that I didn’t even know existed that are a perfect fit for my novel. I would highly recommend trying Book Award Pro to discover new opportunities. The whole team is extremely responsive and wonderful to work with.

Tim Westover
Award-Winning Author

As an indie author, it is so challenging to help your books reach a wider audience. Award recognition is an important tool to do just that. Having won two awards, I am grateful to Book Award Pro for doing all the leg work. I highly recommend this service.

Meg Nocero
Award-Winning Author

With my limited income in retirement, I have to be mindful of where I spend my promotional dollars. I have now used Book Award Pro for two of my five novels and one of my poetry collections. I would enroll all of them if I could afford it! The team at Book Award Pro is incredibly responsive and have produced real results for all three books.

T P Graf
Award-Winning Author

I am loving Book Award Pro. As the author of more than 100 books, I’ve realized the importance of awards. Book Award Pro saved me from all the work, and guess what? That has resulted in five first place wins for my latest children’s book. Thank you, Book Award Pro for helping me promote my books! I am recommending this service to all of my colleagues.

Michelle Medlock Adams
Award-Winning Author

Shortly after launching, I won my first book award because Book Award Pro navigated the jungle of awards for me and found the perfect fit. Winning the award enhances my book’s visibility and marketing, as well as my credibility as an award-winning author. I highly recommend the fabulous services of Book Award Pro for every author who wants to let the light shine on their book.

Dr. Margit Muller
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has been a tremendous help! Once a book is written, how do we bring that book to life so people will want to read it? Winning an award allowed me to share that I am now an award-winning author with an award-winning book. I am most grateful and highly recommend Book Award Pro to any author seeking notoriety.

Irma Parone
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is without question one of the most professional and thoughtful organizations I have ever worked with. Not only do they provide informative and timely information on book awards and promotional opportunities—but truly care about the outcome of your work and writing. I highly recommend their services!

Eyad Yehyawi
Award-Winning Author

Well, we did it again. When I enter an award based on Book Award Pro’s targeting, I win! I have said it before and I have to say it again; Thank you! I have to add, my book sales have far exceeded my expectations (and the normal sales for an author’s first book). My success with the awards you have recommended have much to do with that, I am sure.

Anthony Lee Head
Award-Winning Author

As an unknown author, I was humbled to see my name among the winners. Far more, seeing that my book had been considered “inspiring” was an absolute shock. I am in awe that after so little time Book Award Pro has already delivered award-winning results.

Rodolfo Del Toro
Award-Winning Author

I am so excited about winning first place for LGQBT Memoir and second place for Autobiography with “The Making of a Woman” through Book Award Pro. It’s only been a few weeks since my book launched and I already have the title “Award Winning Author.” I love using Book Award Pro for ease and convenience. I am looking forward to hopefully winning more awards by using this awesome service.

Award-Winning Author

No mere mortal can keep up with all of the book awards available to authors. Book Award Pro takes the drudgery out of the process. I highly recommend it to my clients… but I would much prefer to keep it all to myself!

Scott Lorenz
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro precisely targeted the ideal awards. I submitted Goodbye, Orchid a few months before publication and now it is launching as an award-winning novel.

Carol Van Den Hende
Award-Winning Author

Over 2,700 new books are being launched every single day. How do I make my book stand out? That’s where Book Award Pro comes in. They entered my book into several book award contests and I won. I used those wins to market my book and keep it top of mind. I still can’t believe it, but my book was a #1 Amazon Best Seller and Book Award Pro deserves some of the credit for getting the book there. I am so grateful. Now I am hard at work on Book 2 and I can’t see myself stopping there.

Tony Garritano
Award-Winning Author

I’m so happy that I discovered Book Award Pro! It makes my research for contests effortless. After using the service for only 3 months, I’ve already won 1st place for an award that I wouldn’t have known about, had I not joined Book Award Pro. Now, I am officially an “Award-Winning Author”. I highly recommend their services.

Shanita Allen
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is the ultimate assist in finding suitable book awards for authors. Book Award Pro takes care of everything for you, keeping up with deadlines, prices, and categories across the numerous awards – and including notifying you when you win! I absolutely love this service!

Frederick Douglass Reynolds
Award-Winning Author

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