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Navigating book awards was very difficult and time-consuming until I found Book Award Pro. I discovered new contests and the system also helps me keep track of deadlines so that I don’t miss out. I definitely recommend Book Award Pro.

HJ Ramsay
Award-Winning Author

As an unknown author, I was humbled to see my name among the winners. Far more, seeing that my book had been considered “inspiring” was an absolute shock. I am in awe that after so little time Book Award Pro has already delivered award-winning results.

Rodolfo Del Toro
Award-Winning Author

Ten of the contests identified by Book Award Pro brought home a dozen awards across both my books, which in turn brought recognition and legitimacy to my career as a writer. Book Award Pro is integral to finding the appropriate contests and saving me time and stress so I can focus on my craft.

Brendan Bigney
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is an amazing service which saves valuable time and effort. Its automated AI targets the most promising awards for your book. I began with the Essentials plan, but quickly realized the benefits of upgrading to the Pro plan. I have been with the service for only three months and my book has already won an award! In addition, my book is nominated for two other awards. Book Award Pro handles everything from submitting a professional entry to paying the entry fees. I highly recommend Book Award Pro!

Cindy Van Rooy
Award-Winning Author

The task of researching awards can be confusing; so can the application process. It is often difficult to know which category is best to enter. Book Award Pro technology targets each book to its best awards and categories. They are able to zero in on the author’s greatest potential areas of award success. This took all of the pressure off me. Additionally, in the “robo” world in which we now live, Book Award Pro’s customer service is worth its weight in gold.

Michael A. Bortner
Award-Winning Author

Researching and submitting for awards is time-consuming. Book Award Pro saved me all this hassle and targeted exactly the best awards that fit my book. Very professional and supportive. I strongly recommend them.

Ramzi Najjar
Award-Winning Author

A fellow author suggested I sign up for Book Award Pro, and I was pleasantly surprised. What I like about Book Award Pro is they do the work of scouring the Internet and have their pulse on what book awards are out there. I have found Book Award Pro to be a great investment in marketing.

Wendy J. Menara
Award-Winning Author

It is without reservation that I recommend Book Award Pro for any new authors. After writing hundreds of query letters, I was not eager to begin a labor intensive award submission season. Book Award Pro appeared as an alternative, automatically finding the awards that best suit my work. Now, when I see an award that piques my interest, I just have to hit the submit button. By the way, a local reporter will be interviewing me next week about The Carnation Street Life Estate recently winning its first award.

John T. Ahern
Award-Winning Author

I absolutely love Book Award Pro! As an author, I don’t have time to research and apply for book awards, even though I know they’re a great marketing tool. Book Award Pro has given me the best of both worlds while allowing me to focus on what I love, writing more books!

Keith Wheeler
Award-Winning Author

As an indie author, it’s a relief to trust Book Award Pro in finding the best awards for my novels. One of my novels, “Comfort Foods,” has won two profile-enhancing awards in less than a year and I can’t wait to see what comes from this exposure.

Kimberly Fish
Award-Winning Author

Thanks to Book Award Pro, I’ve just won an award in the Romance category for my novel “GLISSANDO: A story of love, lust and jazz”. Book Award Pro is more than an aggregator; they help you every step of the way and identify an incredible number of awards that authors are eligible to win but might not even know about. I recommend Book Award Pro very highly!

Debbie Burke
Award-Winning Author

I loved working with the Book Award Pro team! They are so professional and did all the work for me so I could spend my time writing. Thanks so much to Book Award Pro for all your help!

Eileen Hobbs
Award-Winning Author

With my limited income in retirement, I have to be mindful of where I spend my promotional dollars. I have now used Book Award Pro for two of my five novels and one of my poetry collections. I would enroll all of them if I could afford it! The team at Book Award Pro is incredibly responsive and have produced real results for all three books.

T P Graf
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro has become an important tool in helping to propel the essential message of ‘Trust and Confidence’ – that integrity matters more than ever.

Jim Lichtman
Award-Winning Author

Book Award Pro is an excellent resource for authors. I love it! The service is very easy to use and provides significant value. When I came across Book Award Pro, I signed up immediately. Within a few days, I received award matches and within a month, I had won my first award! Thank you Book Award Pro for making this process so much easier.

Ivy Walker
Award-Winning Author

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