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Book Award Pro creates ongoing validation, interest, and excitement surrounding your book. Use all that buzz and activity in fresh, modern ways to engage readers and grow book sales.

Book Award Pro technology makes it approachable and easy for authors to achieve results.

Researched Awards

Book Award Pro monitors thousands of awards, every day, to match ideal opportunities for your book. Nobody else even comes close.

Award Win Rate

Our technology is the gold standard. Authors using our Pro plan have a 68% average win rate. Without Book Award Pro, win rates are less than 9%.

Author Satisfaction

We are honored by the accolades received from clients. But don't take our word for it; see testimonials from award-winning authors.

Results from the Start

Book Award Pro is how you become an award-winning author.

But winning awards isn't the end of your story. Every step of the process — right from the start — brings opportunity to get discovered, win validation, and sell more books.

Book Award Pro makes story marketing approachable and easy for authors.

Bonus Benefits

Some awards provide "bonus benefits", which could include professional reviews, author interviews, sales links, free advertising, and more.

Our technology tracks any available bonus benefits to ensure your book gets all the attention it deserves. Book Award Pro manages the entire award process for you, all the way to the finish line.

Features - Award Matching

Review and Award Matching

Find the right opportunities for your book

Save hours of time by eliminating long, confusing lists. Book Award Pro researches thousands of awards and automatically matches the ideal opportunities for your book.

Your dashboard only displays award opportunities that are relevant now and fitting to the unique qualities of your book. In other words, all the searching, sorting, and filtering is automatically done for you.

Our award matching technology works for your book every day, and you can expect to see a few fresh award opportunities to consider each week.

Included with Pro, Plus, Essentials, and Starter plans

Research and Guidance

Organize all the details for every award

Every award opportunity has different requirements and details.

When is the due date? How much is the entry fee? When can you expect winners to be announced? ...and so much more.

Book Award Pro handles all of this for you with curated research to guide you in learning more about each award match.

Included with Pro, Plus, and Essentials plans
Features - Research and Guidance
Features - Targeting


Pinpoint which awards will have the best results

Award Matching presents many exciting opportunities. But how do you determine exactly which ones will create the best results? You want to save your time and budget only for things that matter the most.

Our Targeting technology analyzes your awards landscape, millions of data points, to determine the one award opportunity which is most valuable for your book at any given time.

You do not need to deal with any of those technical details; Book Award Pro does this all automatically for you.

Included with Pro and Plus plans

Submission and Management

Navigate entries for award wins and benefits

Each award has different requirements and nuances for judging. Every tiny detail matters to make your book stand out. We use our vast experience to manage the entire process for you, from start to finish.

Book Award Pro crafts your nomination to be ideally presented for an award's specific requirements. Our service includes preparing entry documents, verifying research, paying the award's entry fee, and completing the submission process — all handled for you.

We also track the progress of your awards journey to ensure your book receives all the attention and benefits it deserves.

Included with Pro plan
Features - Submission and Management
Connect with Readers - Phone with Female

Connect with Readers

Grow book sales with story marketing and awards buzz

Every step of your awards journey — not just the wins — holds valuable growth and creates excitement for your book through story marketing.

We understand you are an author, not a marketer. Story marketing is the modern, approachable way for authors to get discovered, win validation, and sell more books.

From automatically creating social media messages, to helpful guides for growing your audience, Book Award Pro give you the tools to take charge of your book's success.

Included with Pro, Plus, and Essentials plans

Get Started in Minutes

It only takes a few minutes to begin discovering award opportunities custom matched for your book.

Legendary Support

Authors rave about our fast, personal support. Try it for yourself and start a conversation with our team.

Easy for Authors

Whether you're just getting started or igniting international fanfare, awards are the validation authors need to stand out.

Win Awards + Story Marketing

Award Matching & Targeting

First, we custom match your book's ideal awards. Then, we target the one award which is most valuable for your book.

Submission & Benefits

Next, we submit your book for its monthly targeted award and keep you updated of any benefits, from start to finish.

Story Marketing & Validation

Every month, we make it easy to use ongoing awards buzz and validation to fuel your story marketing and sell more books.