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As an industry expert, you recognize awards and story marketing are life-changing for authors and the success of their books. Our Partner tools put your business front and center.

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Partner with Book Award Pro to bring the validation of awards and impact of story marketing to your authors.

Our Partner program puts your logo onto a custom version of the entire Book Award Pro experience. We manage everything to make it incredibly easy for you.

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Awards and story marketing complement and amplify your work. Our Partner tools make it easy to give your authors the power of Book Award Pro, branded for your business.

Author success is good for business.

Book Award Pro makes it easy for authors to get discovered. Authors around the world are winning awards and using story marketing to connect with readers and sell more books.

Editors &

Keep author relationships fresh

Your relationships matter long after the project is done. Our Partner program makes your business the reason authors get discovered, win validation, and increase book sales.

Growth for authors means more projects

Book Award Pro creates ongoing validation, benefits, and excitement surrounding your authors' books. All that buzz and activity drives increased demand for your services.

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Your work helps authors succeed. Give them the power of awards and story marketing, the modern way to get discovered by readers. Our Partner tools make it easy.

Awards and marketing made easy

A roster of award-winning clients is great for business. Book Award Pro is how publicists, agencies, publishers, and industry experts distinguish their brands and sell more books.

We Handle Everything

From signup through fulfillment, we take care of it all. Everything is done for you with the expertise of Book Award Pro.


The entire author experience and app are branded with your logo. We keep your business front and center.

Legendary Support

Authors rave about our fast, personal support. Try it for yourself and start a conversation with our team.



Give your authors the validation of awards and the impact of story marketing.

Designed for publicists, agencies, publishers, and experts who provide services for authors and their books.

We make it incredibly easy for you, your business, and your authors. Everything is handled by Book Award Pro.

See your authors' ongoing awards progress, story marketing, and get notified of award-winning successes.

Includes the entire experience branded with your logo, and all Partner tools for your business.

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