Book Award Pro feature spotlight: Book Reviews

Book Reviews Feature Spotlight
September 1, 2023
Book Award Pro

You’re probably already familiar with our book award matching services at Book Award Pro. Book reviews are another untapped gem in book marketing and they’re waiting to bring your book the respect, validation, and celebration it deserves. Our Book Reviews feature is here to help you instantly reap the powerful benefits of reviews.

Surprisingly, the potential of reviews in book marketing is largely unknown to authors. Book Award Pro is here to change that! Keep reading if you’re wondering:

“How do I find book reviews?”

“Which book reviews are best for my book?”

“How do I use reviews to market my book?”

What are book reviews?

Simply put, book reviews are a type of literary critique that describe the content of your book. They endorse the quality of your story and provide merit to you as an author.

There are thousands of book review opportunities available to authors of all genres and types. This means there are endless opportunities to receive reviews, amplify your literary voice, and gain the respect of industry leaders and readers alike.

Feature Spotlight Reviews Stars

How do I find book reviews?

With the plethora of book review opportunities awaiting you, it can be challenging to know where to look. First, it’s important to identify review opportunities that align with the qualities of your book. For example, some reviews may only consider nonfiction work, while others accept a variety of genres.

Researching submission requirements, deadlines, and entry fees sounds like a hassle (and it can be). The good news is you’re not alone. Our Book Reviews feature saves you time and effort, so you can focus on what truly matters: sharing your story with the world.

How does the Book Reviews feature work?

Our Book Reviews feature is a potent way to fuel reader interest and endorse the quality of your book. With all of our plans (including the Free plan), you’ll gain access to a Book Reviews matching dashboard.

Our technology curates an ongoing list of opportunities to have your book reviewed. Like awards, we base these matches on the unique attributes of your book.

If you’re looking to make the most out of review opportunities, consider upgrading to our Plus plan. The Plus plan includes the Book Reviews feature, and adds the benefit of Targeting. Our Targeting technology pinpoints exactly which reviews create the best results for your book.

Feature Spotlight Reviews App

Ready to zero in on your best review opportunities?

Upgrade to a Plus plan to access our Targeting technology and give your book a winning start.

What are the benefits of book reviews?

Authors may be unsure of the proven benefits reviews can bring. That’s because this fresh take on the potential of reviews is largely unknown in the industry. Let us fill you in on a little secret: book reviews are an insanely powerful way to legitimize your book and supercharge reader interest.

Here are a few of our favorite book review benefits

They validate your book

Book reviews tell the world that your story is worth reading. They establish your name as a respected author and convey to readers and literary professionals the quality of your book. With this validation, you can open the doors to publishing opportunities, tap into new audiences, and celebrate your book with your readers.

They’re powerful marketing tools

Book reviews aren’t synonymous with marketing, but they should be. Not only do reviews tell buyers your book is worth purchasing, they also provide an opportunity to actively engage with your audience.

At Book Award Pro, we don’t want you to miss the marketing magic of book reviews. That’s why we’ve integrated the Book Reviews feature with our Story Marketing feature.

As you submit to and receive reviews, the Story Marketing feature automatically gives you customized social media posts to share about your book. You can engage with your current followers and new audiences in just a few clicks.

Feature Spotlight Reviews Connect

They provide authentic feedback

An essential aspect of author success is learning from your readers. Book reviews are sources of information brimming with reader insight. From reviews, you can learn exactly which aspects of your writing resonate most with your audience. This allows you to position your current marketing strategy and your future work in a way that perfectly aligns with your readers’ interests.

They make you feel good

We know how much work you’ve put into your book. Celebrating your success as an author through reviews boosts your confidence, highlights the best parts of your story, and shines a light on your unique voice. Long story short? Getting expert feedback about your book feels pretty darn good!

How do I submit my book for review?

You can submit for reviews on your own, or you can have Book Award Pro automate everything for you.

Doing your own submissions for book reviews can be a tricky process. But if you prefer to DIY, our Book Reviews feature is a great resource to point you in the right direction. Many reviews require certain document types, entry fees, and deadlines. Additionally, requirements may change on a moment’s notice.

However, if that sounds overwhelming, we’re happy to complete the entire submission process for you with our Submit Boost option:

Submit Boost

A Submit Boost is one (1) complete submission, and we handle the entire process for you. It includes everything to perfectly position your book for a valuable review:

  • Preparing entry documents
  • Verifying research
  • Paying the entry fee
  • Completing the entry process
  • Tracking progress to ensure your book gets all the benefits it deserves

Review Submit Boost

Are you ready to tap into the power of book reviews? We’re here to help you every step of the way.

With plans for authors of all types, genres, and budgets, there’s no limit to the potential of your book’s success.

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