6 qualities of award-winning books

The recipe for award-winning books
March 1, 2024
Book Award Pro

Crafting award-winning books requires a special combination of elements. At its core lies an immersive narrative, sharp editing, and a unique perspective.

However, once you’ve written your award-worthy masterpiece, it has to get into the hands of its ideal accolades. An expertly crafted award entry, at precisely the right time, is a vital factor on the path to author acclaim.

Read on to learn the recipe for award-winning books, from writing and editing to letting Book Award Pro expertly submit your book to win awards.

The recipe for award-winning books

At Book Award Pro, we believe every book is worthy of professional recognition and esteem. However, there are a few critical ingredients that book award judges consider when selecting award winners:

A unique immersive experience

Book award judges review submissions with a discerning eye. They are seeking that elusive quality so often found in award-winning books: an immersive narrative. Fiction and nonfiction award judges alike look for stories that possess the magical ability to transport readers into entirely new worlds or deep into the human psyche.

An immersive narrative isn't just about engaging prose. It's about creating an emotional connection between the reader and the story's characters, themes, and settings.

Judges look for writing that transcends the page, inviting readers to feel, think, and experience alongside the book's protagonists. In the realm of awards, it's this immersive quality that often tips the scales in favor of a remarkable literary work. Award-winning books leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of both judges and readers.

Sharp editing

what you need to enter a book award contest

Book award judges also consider the quality of editing when determining winners. A well-edited book reflects your commitment to excellence and your dedication to delivering polished, professional work.

Award-winning editing ensures clarity, coherence, and a smooth reading experience, allowing the story or content to shine without distraction. It indicates you’ve taken the time to refine your work, paying meticulous attention to grammar, punctuation, structure, and consistency.

Judges view exceptional editing as a testament to your commitment to your craft and your readers. Sharp editing is often considered a vital element in the decision-making process of selecting winners.

A history of professional recognition

Award professionals also take note when a book has garnered other accolades or received an abundance of positive reviews. This level of social proof and acclaim are indicative of the book's impact and resonance with readers and critics alike. It signals that the work has already stood out in the crowded literary landscape, affirming its quality and relevance.

Judges see this as a validation of the book's worthiness for further recognition. These accolades can influence judges by drawing their attention to the book and sparking curiosity. While it doesn't guarantee a win, it can elevate your book's standing in the evaluation process. In this way, previous award wins and positive reviews can bolster a book's chances of new accolades.

Start your award-winning journey with Book Award Pro.

We have plans for every author at every stage.

Wondering how to find impressive accolades for your book? Book Award Pro operates the world’s largest database of legitimate book awards and reviews. Our platform curates book award and review options that align seamlessly with the unique characteristics of your book. AI algorithms delve deep into the book award landscape, analyzing genres, themes, writing styles, and more, to ensure tailor-made award and review options each week.

Whether you're a debut novelist or a seasoned writer, Book Award Pro empowers you to pursue awards and reviews that support author acclaim. With Book Award Pro, you're not relying on guesswork; you're strategically positioning yourself for success in the literary world. This ensures your work gets the recognition and acclaim it truly deserves.

A modern story marketing strategy

Story marketing is an accessible, modern strategy for authors to leverage their book award and review journey to reach more readers through social media. When you share about your author journey, it forms authentic connections with readers and engaging narratives that captivate audiences.

By weaving the story of your achievements into your social media presence, you can create a personal connection with your followers. This approach not only celebrates your successes but also offers a glimpse into the passion and dedication that fuel your literary endeavors.

In an age where authenticity and personal connections matter, story marketing empowers authors to build a loyal fan base who not only appreciate their work but also the journey behind it. It's a powerful tool that transforms readers into devoted fans and elevates an author's presence in the crowded publishing landscape.

An expertly crafted submission

On any of the Book Award Pro plans, you can purchase a Submit Boost. This takes the hassle and guesswork out of entering your book for awards or reviews. Book Award Pro will expertly craft your submission and handle everything for you, from start to finish.

Our AI technology meticulously analyzes every award's criteria and tailors your submission to maximize your chances of success. With a Submit Boost, you can rest assured that your book will be presented in the best possible light, saving you time and ensuring your work stands out from the competition.

A platform to automate the entire process

Book Award Pro Overview

Book Award Pro ensures that you're paired with book awards and reviews that perfectly align with your book's unique characteristics. This gives you the best chance of unlocking author notability.

Our AI technology is your expert through the entire award and review journey. Book Award Pro curates your most valuable options, optimizes your submission to each accolade's specific criteria, and instantly crafts story marketing content so you can impress more readers at each step of the way.

With Book Award Pro, you're accomplishing more than just winning awards and getting reviews. You’re forming an author strategy of literary acclaim and forging lasting connections with your readers along the way.

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