Book Award Pro review: All These Hands by Lewis, Y.K

book award pro review
September 7, 2023
Book Award Pro

Children’s book All These Hands | A Day in the Life of Eryn Lee by Book Award Pro author Lewis, Y.K is a heartwarming tale that takes readers on a journey to celebrate the importance of family relationships and values. Filled with vivid illustrations and a relatable tale of love and understanding, All These Hands has received multiple reviews, including a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite, and has been nominated for the PenCraft Book Awards.

For this Book Award Pro review, we had the opportunity to discuss the success of All These Hands with Lewis, Y.K. Read on to learn how Lewis used Book Award Pro to achieve author acclaim through awards and reviews.

Curated awards and reviews in moments

Lewis had only been a Book Award Pro author for a few weeks before receiving glowing reviews and award nominations for All These Hands. That’s the magic of the Book Award Po platform: after you sign up and tell us a bit about your book, our technology immediately goes to work, pairing you with curated award and review opportunities that you can pursue right away.

Here’s what Lewis had to say about the beginning of her Book Award Pro journey:

“Initially, I was intimidated by the process of finding book awards and reviews. However, after battling my fears and mustering the confidence to believe in my work, I pursued professional accolades.”

A sense of trepidation is all too common for authors new to reviews and awards. Yes, the world of author accolades is expansive and ever-changing, but with a platform like Book Award Pro, all the sorting and expert research is done for you. Here’s what Lewis said about the value of Book Award Pro:

“Book Award Pro became a valuable resource in this pursuit, providing guidance and support throughout the award and review application process. It allowed me to navigate the world of book awards with more confidence and assurance, helping me present ‘All These Hands’ in the best possible light.”

Building an audience with Story Marketing

Establishing a readership is a common goal among authors of all kinds. For debut authors, book marketing can feel like an uphill battle. Where do you start? How do you build and maintain an audience? Luckily, Book Award Pro has a solution: the Story Marketing feature.

Combining awards and reviews with modern platforms like social media, the Story Marketing feature allows you to instantly share compelling content about your book. In just a few clicks, you can share customized posts about your book’s award and review journey with millions of readers on social media. Here’s what Lewis had to say about the impressive power of story marketing:

“Using the Story Marketing feature has significantly improved my book marketing strategy by providing me with fresh ideas, expert guidance, and effective marketing materials. This has helped me reach new readers and position my book as an authority in children's book writing, enhancing its recognition and appeal.

I have found that story marketing enhances my visibility and reach. My faith in promoting my book has substantially increased by receiving expert marketing materials and support. This boost in confidence allows me to present myself as a knowledgeable and authoritative figure in children's book writing, further establishing my book's reputation and attracting potential readers.”

A bright future for All These Hands 

Book Award Pro maintains the world’s largest database of legitimate award and review opportunities, and we add more all the time. All our plans (including the Free plan) continually match your book with ideal accolade opportunities. Each week, you’ll receive new reviews and awards that are perfectly curated for your book.

We love supporting our authors on their journey toward author acclaim. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things reviews, awards, and story marketing continue to do for All These Hands. Here’s what Lewis had to say about her overall experience with Book Award Pro:

“My experience with Book Award Pro has been filled with gratitude, growth, and the joy of seeing my book receive professional recognition and praise. I look forward to continuing my journey with this platform, leveraging its resources to connect with more readers, and striving for excellence in my writing.”

Feeling inspired by Lewis, Y.K’s story? Your book could be next to win awards, get reviews, and reach more readers with Book Award Pro. Simply choose the plan that’s best for you, sign up, and see how brightly your book can shine with curated awards and reviews from Book Award Pro.

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