Story marketing vs. book marketing: the ultimate showdown

story marketing vs book marketing
October 28, 2022
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Marketing a book is one of the most challenging things an author must do to ensure their book is successful.

It's no wonder authors feel defeated when trying to market their books. With so much confusing information swirling around, authors often waste time and resources without seeing results. We want to cut through the fog to bring a fresh, modern, and successful way for authors to get their books discovered.

Learn the difference between story marketing vs. book marketing, and see how to make the most out of your book.

What is Book Marketing?

Book marketing is designed around traditional publishing models to get a book noticed in its specific category. It uses legacy marketing approaches, such as press releases, trade shows, and buying ads.

Book marketing can be expensive, time-consuming, complicated, and results are unpredictable. It requires continuous work by authors and publishing houses to create growth.

This worked well before the advancement of technology that made reaching readers effortless, and when authors had no choice but to rely on publishers to sell their books.

Now, with the revolution of independent, hybrid, and self-publishing models, authors need ways to sell their books without the requirement of an agency doing the work for them.

That's where story marketing comes in.

What is Story Marketing?

Story marketing is the approachable way for authors to make lasting connections with readers through technology to sell more books. It uses modern marketing approaches, such as book awards, social media, and author collaboration.

With 5.03 billion Internet users worldwide, you have to get creative and personal to form lasting experiences with readers. It's not enough to tell readers they'll like your book. You have to show them why they'll like your book by creating memorable experiences.

Story marketing is how you create lasting and unique experiences. The best part? It can be used by every author, for every book, at every publishing stage.

Story Marketing vs. Book Marketing: How to Turn Traditional Lessons Into Modern Success

If you haven't had success with book marketing, you're not alone, and it's not too late to try story marketing.

Try trading these book marketing tactics with fresh story marketing ideas.

Book Awards Over Buying Ads

Print and digital ads have the potential to provide positive results and an uptick in sales. However, once the ad is over, it vanishes, along with any sales growth. It takes time, money, and know-how to optimize ads, so authors sometimes relied on hiring professionals to buy ads for them.

Save your time, and budget, by working toward winning book awards instead. A technology platform, like Book Award Pro, makes finding beneficial award opportunities simple. Our Pro plan finds, targets, and submits your book to its best award opportunity, giving you the best chance at winning.

And unlike vanishing ads, once you are an award-winning author, that distinction is yours forever. You will always be able to reap the benefits of that validation.

Each step of the book award journey gives you a chance to share something special about yourself and your book to help readers remember you. Even if you don't win, the award process has plenty of benefits.

Take each of these moments, and share them with your growing fanbase.

Social Media Over Trade Shows

Trade shows are great for getting in front of a limited audience, but once you leave, you're not likely to see more sales. Plus, finding the right trade show, paying the fees, and getting to the show gets expensive.

That's why authors have been more successful by creating an engaging social media following. Start with a platform like Goodreads, which was created to connect readers and authors. Then, engage with fans from all over the world without having to book a single plane ticket.

Share posts about the awards Book Award Pro matches you with, and use social media live features to talk about the recent award opportunities you've found. Follow other notable authors, and share their posts, offering your thoughts on the subject.

Interact with your readers by commenting on their posts to create lasting relationships. Join Facebook groups to get involved with conversations and find readers who are excited to try your book.

Share News with Your Fans

Not sure what to share? Book Award Pro has you covered with premade social media posts.

Author Collaboration Over Press Releases

A press release can sound compelling, and if it happens to get in front of the right people, you might see an increase in sales. Publishers help authors with press releases by curating the right message and outlet for it to get picked up. But, without that expert help, it can fall flat.

Instead, a story marketing approach could be to create connections with other authors in your genre, and promote each other's works to your fans. Avid readers can read up to 50 books a year, so there is plenty of reader attention and interest to share. Every author collaboration introduces your book to a new audience who loves exactly the kind of books you write.

Don't stop at one author collaboration, either. Instead, find a community of authors to support and uplift each others' works.

Start Marketing Your Book Today

Many authors don't think about marketing their book until after it is written. With story marketing, that is entirely okay.

You can start story marketing whenever you're ready to discover your audience, spark interest with fans, and see more book sales.

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