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bloggers who review books
November 29, 2023
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A diverse collection of high-quality book reviews is one of the most powerful ways to achieve author acclaim. In today’s crowded literary market, readers have learned to identify books and authors they’re most likely to enjoy. Many rely on fellow readers, industry professionals, and bloggers who review books to make informed purchasing decisions.

Successful, notable authors understand the importance of getting reviews from all three of the sources listed above. With much of modern book marketing and commerce happening online, reviews from established book bloggers can put your work in front of new audiences, help you reach more readers, and add credibility to your author brand.

Read on to learn how to find, compare, and get reviews from some of today’s top bloggers who review books.

How to find bloggers who review books

Finding reputable bloggers who review books can feel daunting. But, with resources like Book Award Pro, the process becomes surprisingly simple:

1. Instantly access curated review options with Book Award Pro

The simplest, most effective way to find bloggers who review books? Signing up for Book Award Pro. Even on the Free plan, you’ll instantly receive curated review and award options for your book.

Instead of sorting through the thousands of bloggers and professional review options, let the expert technology of Book Award Pro deliver your perfect review matches straight to your account.

2. Gather your own details or use the Expert Research feature

Included in the paid plans from Book Award Pro is the Expert Research feature: everything you need to know about your review and award options at a glance. With Expert Research, you don’t need to conduct lengthy research, compare bloggers, or organize the details of your findings. Every detail you need to make the best review decision for your book is instantly accessible in one centralized platform.

For authors comparing review options on their own, a Google search can give you an idea of the type of book bloggers available to you. You can simply search “bloggers who review books” or you can narrow down your search by including keywords that are relevant to your book. Once you’ve found a few options, you can compare details like genre and audience between bloggers.

3. Verify legitimacy or leave it to the experts at Book Award Pro

While book review and award scams are exceedingly rare, it’s always a good idea to verify the legitimacy of a review option before pursuing it. A lengthy history of previous reviews, a solid presence on social media, and a polished, professional website are all good signs that a blogger is the real deal.

At Book Award Pro, we maintain the world’s largest database of verified book awards and reviews. We carefully vet each opportunity for legitimacy, so you can feel confident that your book is in the capable hands of trusted industry experts.

Tips for getting a review from a book blogger

When you’re ready to submit your book to a blogger, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of receiving a review:

Let Book Award Pro expertly submit your book

As the world’s leading expert in book reviews and awards, we know a thing or two about the submission process. Each review opportunity has different entry requirements and submission instructions. For authors conducting their own submissions, this means hours of preparation, verification, and follow-through.

For authors who choose Book Award Pro, all of the handling of documents, sorting of requirements, and tracking of progress can be done for you.

A Submit Boost is an additional, optional purchase you can make with any Book Award Pro plan. With the purchase of a Submit Boost, the experts at Book Award Pro will craft your review submission for its greatest chance of success. We handle the entire process for you, from reverifying submission requirements, gathering your documents, and tracking your book’s progress all the way to the finish line.

Stand out with convincing social proof

One of the most convincing ways to get a book blogger’s attention is by providing social proof of your book’s success. Put simply, social proof is any evidence you have to back up your book’s quality. One of the most powerful forms of social proof? Book awards.

Book bloggers, like other industry leaders, view author accolades as endorsements of your book’s excellence. They celebrate your work, add credibility to your brand, and put you on the literary map as a notable author.

Wondering how to secure impressive awards for your book? Like reviews, Book Award Pro can instantly match you to expertly curated awards. Our AI technology identifies your most promising award and review options. You don’t have to sort through long lists or rely on guesswork to stand out to review bloggers. With Book Award Pro, the impressive author acclaim you need is just a few clicks away.

Start your award-winning journey with Book Award Pro.

We have plans for every author at every stage.

Write a unique, engaging pitch

When writing your pitch for a book review, don’t be afraid to show your uniqueness. The more unique your submission, the more memorable you’ll be to bloggers. Include authentic details about your journey as an author, the inspiration behind your book, and any characteristics about your work that contribute to your singular author brand.

Build positive relationships with bloggers

This is a powerful way for forward-thinking authors to stand out to bloggers and generate interest among them. Building organic, positive relationships with bloggers can increase the likelihood of them reviewing your book in the future.

Find book bloggers you admire and positively interact with them on their blogs or social media. Drop a comment about how much you respect their literary opinions, like their posts, and let them know you’ve shared their content. Building a network this way can help you increase name recognition among book blog influencers, create a memorable first impression, and position yourself to receive a review.

Using blogger reviews to achieve author acclaim

Receiving a review from a popular book blogger can increase your readership, unlock professional opportunities, and add impressive notability to your author brand. But, the real secret to author acclaim lies in what you do with your review.

This is where story marketing plays an integral role in your book’s success. Much like when pursuing awards, you can use your blogger review journey to become a recognized, notable author.

Look at each step of getting a book blogger review as an enticing piece of shareable content. Are you considering submitting your book to a popular blogger? Tell your readers on social media about this exciting opportunity. You can even share or repost other reviews, tag the bloggers, and express your excitement and gratitude for being considered for a review. Of course, if you receive a review, take to social media to share your triumph with readers.

When you use Book Award Pro to win awards and get reviews, the Story Marketing feature makes sharing compelling content with your audience easier and more effective than ever before. Story Marketing generates customized content about your book that you can instantly post to social media, stirring interest among curious readers.

With the powerful features of Book Award Pro, you’re only a few clicks away from impressing readers and experts, expanding your audience, and unlocking author acclaim.

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